Minnesota Vikings Quick Wins

Some insight

Since their first game in 1961, the Minnesota Vikings have consistently been at the top of their division. Their performance on the field has landed them four Super Bowl appearances and 18 division titles. Their new state-of-the-art practice facility and headquarters gives the team and the staff just what they need for the seasons to come.

Everyone wants something to be affordable, but a lot of times if you buy the cheapest thing, you are sometimes getting the cheapest product. We haven't seen that to be the case with FMX. It's been really nice and really refreshing.


The Minnesota Vikings’ previous word-of-mouth (WOM) system did not allow for documentation or photo attachments on work orders, and the Facilities Department found it difficult to keep up with the numerous WOM requests they received outside of the office on a daily basis. Maintenance technicians were unable to effectively and efficiently follow up on every work order request, which resulted in many details getting lost in translation. The move to a new facility with multiple event spaces required a software that could organize the influx of facility reservation requests (meetings and special events) because when guests would arrive in their old facility, security and the receptionist had no way to look up who that guest was meeting with and where the meeting was occurring.

Results & benefits

The Minnesota Vikings are able to prolong the life of their brand new facility equipment with FMX’s preventive maintenance module. The franchise is able to create and track all facility reservation requests with FMX’s custom module feature, and FMX’s frequently updated, cloud-based software is able to support their continuously growing staff and facility. One thing the staff did not have to worry about when adjusting to the change of a new facility was taking the time to learn how to use FMX because it’s so user-friendly. The Minnesota Vikings are able to track the quantity of facility reservations by sorting the date, time, and request type through FMX’s reporting dashboards. Departments are discovering new ways to utilize FMX’s custom modules as they become more familiar with the product and its versatile capabilities, and staff members are now able to quickly and easily submit delivery and guest registrations through FMX, which provides Security important information such as time, location, employee host, and reason for delivery/visit. The Event Decision Making Committee is able to prioritize the increased number of event requests based on facility availability and how well they align with the organization’s philosophy. FMX acts as an effective replacement for unnecessary phone calls, emails, and trips to other employees’ offices.