New Albany-Plain Local School District Success Story

Here’s how it happened.

New Albany-Plain Local School District (NAPLS) serves approximately 4,850 students, K-12. They rank as one of Ohio’s most respected school districts, earning an “Excellent” rating for nine consecutive years. NAPLS offers a wide array of opportunities for students to benefit from, including athletics, performing arts, and club activities.

We did a comprehensive analysis of 10 different software packages we felt could integrate with the existing systems we used, and then followed that up with physical demonstrations. We found that FMX had all the functionality we needed. It streamlined our approval process, was simple to navigate, and users did not have to be technology experts to use it successfully.


New Albany-Plain Local School District began searching for a new facilities management solution because they were using three paper-based processes to manage maintenance and events. They knew they needed one system that could handle all of their needs.

Because of these systems, the process to approve and execute work orders was very slow—paperwork could sit on someone’s desk for days before it was approved and passed onto the next person. The approval process for events was also often delayed because details wouldn’t get communicated until the day of an event which left little time for the facilities team to set up.


Once the district implemented FMX they saw an immediate adoption from all staff members due to FMX’s intuitive, easy-to-use calendaring system. Because FMX is cloud-based, processes have become streamlined and users can respond to, approve, and close out requests on-the-go from a mobile device.

NAPLS is now able to hold technicians and staff members accountable for their tasks and use the reporting dashboard to determine who, why, and how often someone is using the system.

Results & benefits

One of New Albany-Plain Local School District’s most notable wins was a 50% reduction in workload for the facilities management assistant. This has allowed her to work on other important items instead of organizing maintenance and event requests. In addition, the time to complete the approval process has been reduced by 75%, freeing up time in the entire facility department’s day.

Benefits after FMX implementation


reduction in time to approve requests


reduction in workload