Rocketship Education

Here’s how it happened.

Rocketship Education based in Redwood City, California, began its mission to bring high performing schools to areas in need in 2007. Since then, they’ve established a network of 13 public elementary charter schools with a combined total of 7,000 students.

I looked at about 10 different work order systems and they all preached that they would be easy-to-use, but I would get lost 10 minutes into the demo. When I had my FMX demo, I understood it within 5 minutes and knew this is exactly what I needed.


Prior to using FMX to manage their facilities, Rocketship Education managed their work order submissions via email, text, and phone calls, which made it difficult to stay organized and on top of requests. Due to the nature of their organization, the majority of maintenance tasks were outsourced to vendors, making it difficult to assess progress and estimated timelines. To top it all off, staff outside of the facilities department found it very difficult to identify the correct vendor for their maintenance needs. This slowed processes down and led to frustrated end users.


Rocketship Education chose FMX because the system allowed an infinite number of external vendor users at no additional cost. This allowed them to communicate easily with each vendor and gain visibility into the work being performed. After implementing, they soon realized there were other added benefits as well. FMX was so easy-to-use that Rocketship Education was able to train staff and vendors in under 10 minutes – they even taught staff how to submit work orders in FMX via email so they never needed to log into the system.

As an added bonus, the FMX customer support team is phenomenal to work with and Rocketship Education is able to submit product feedback to the team as needed.

Results & benefits

When it comes to managing vendors, FMX has improved processes tenfold. Since implementing the software, approximately 90% of vendors have displayed a quicker response time and deeper understanding of maintenance issues when resolving requests. On average, vendor response time has decreased from 1-2 weeks to only 1-2 days.

Benefits after FMX implementation


reduction in vendor response time


of vendors display a quicker response time