Preparing high quality food and keeping customer satisfaction ratings high are of utmost importance when running a restaurant. If either of those dips too low, your performance levels may be at risk, which can cause other unwanted issues.

FMX offers a configurable CMMS that keeps these two priorities in check and optimized so that you can run a successful business. Read on to learn more about the benefits you can gain from FMX’s mobile-friendly facilities management solution for restaurants and other fast casual establishments.

The benefits your restaurants can gain from a CMMS

  • Meet health and safety standards to ensure compliance with the health department.
  • Track the performance of kitchen equipment and make data-driven decisions about when to repair or replace these assets.
  • Ensure bathrooms are always clean by scheduling recurring maintenance.
  • Boost productivity by cutting costs and saving time.
  • Keep technicians on track by allowing them to see only the requests that apply to them and their restaurant(s).
  • Track team performance and ensure tasks are properly assigned for maximum efficiency.

Features restaurants love

work order software

Work Order Software

Manage work orders pertaining to your kitchen, bathrooms, dining area and more to ensure health and safety codes are met at all times.

preventive maintenance

Preventive Maintenance

Keep up-to-date on regular inspections and cleaning tasks to ensure safe facilities for employees and customers.

reporting and analytics

Reporting & Analytics

Monitor and manage team and overall facility performance to make data-driven decisions and optimize processes.

asset & equipment management

Asset & Equipment Management

Gain a clear picture of how an equipment item is performing, schedule appropriate maintenance work, and determine whether it's best to replace or repair assets.

inventory management

Parts Inventory Management

Get alerts when it’s time to order more of an inventory item, and keep up-to-date on quantity levels.

purchase order management

Purchase Order Management

Restock inventory and purchase items directly from the system.

FMX gives me capabilities I never had before. Now I can look at the equipment in each of our restaurants and verify the frequency and cost of every repair. Because the record keeping is so comprehensive, I can determine when a particular piece of equipment is no longer cost-effective and should be replaced. I can also more efficiently monitor travel for our fleet of vehicles, consolidating jobs and increasing productivity.
Kevin Krumlauf, COO
Primary Aim (Wendy's)
The dashboards and tracking information is allowing us to capture man hours, cost of repair, and helps to identify trouble areas and trends. This system has improved our maintenance program by leaps and bounds.
Damon Geist, Maintenance Manager
Supreme Foods, LLC (Burger King)

Restaurants are saving with FMX


reduction in work order resolution time


reduction in work order response time


in cost savings each year

Learn why a CMMS is your next step to success!

A CMMS allows you to manage your restaurants' maintenance, so that you can cut costs, keep buildings and equipment clean, and increase customer satisfaction. Robust data and analytics allow you to analyze, and increase, your company's labor rates, productivity, asset lifespans, and more. Download our eGuide to take one more step towards maintenance management success!

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Why FMX?

The FMX solution was built with ease-of-use at the forefront of our minds because we believe that in order for you to gain the most out of a solution like ours, people need to be able to use it. When users dive into FMX, they should be able to intuitively create a work order without requiring any training. Our simple interface allows anyone in your company to submit a request, and then track its progress, for optimal efficiency.

Your personal site is built with all the capabilities you need, but none that you don’t. Our team ensures that your site accurately reflects the needs of your company so that you can make data-driven maintenance and facility management decisions.

By selecting FMX as your CMMS solution, you’re choosing a system that does it all. You will no longer need separate systems for inventory, maintenance, and equipment, because it’s all possible in FMX.

Our Customer Success Team is dedicated to helping you achieve your maintenance management goals, whether those be related to downtime, inventory, customer satisfaction, team optimization, or all of the above. With a speedy response time of less than 45 minutes and a 99% customer satisfaction rating, you can be certain that we are always here to answer questions regarding your site, to maximize your return on investment, or to help you achieve your most complex objectives.

Save money. Save time. Increase productivity.

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