Westerville City School District

Some insight.

Westerville City School District (WCSD) educates approximately 15,000 K-12 students in 23 schools. WCSD is the 11th-largest district in Ohio and enjoys a history of being recognized by the Ohio Department of Education as a high-performing school district. Their mission is to prepare students to contribute to the competitive and changing world in which we live.

FMX helps us connect to the community. 95% of community organizations that use FMX for facility rentals are very happy!


Before Westerville City Schools began using FMX to manage their community events, they were using another system that was unable to detect scheduling conflicts or notify staff of modifications or cancellations to requests. In addition, there were several steps required to get the facility requests approved. Because of these issues, facility spaces were often double-booked, documents were being misplaced, details were falling through the cracks, and facility approval processes were extremely long. Westerville City Schools knew there must be a better way, so they began searching for alternatives.

Results & benefits

They ultimately chose FMX as their facility management solution, and since implementing the software the school district is experiencing a more timely approval process and is able to provide transparency into all necessary event details. The district’s Event Scheduler can see exactly what is happening in each school by simply looking at the calendar view in FMX and filtering for specific details.

To top it off, staff members find FMX extremely easy-to-use and have seen an improvement in communications amongst colleagues because of the email and in-app notification system. In addition, Westerville City Schools can now calculate cost estimates, send invoices, keep track of unpaid balances, and calculate revenue for all of their community events.