higher education interactive mapping software and maintenance schedule

Extend the bandwidth of your operations team.

Reduce inefficiencies to keep your team in the field and focused on the top priority, with the tools they need to get the job done.

campus building maintenance and easy new technician onboarding

Adapt to meet campus and department changes.

Leverage a tool that keeps up with your facility changes and shortens the on-ramp for new staff.

Unify your ticketing and scheduling into one interface.

Remove confusion, cost, and security risk by cutting down on the number of systems required to manage your operations.

Validate performance, staffing, and sustainability.

Benchmark your current metrics, identify inefficiencies and measure changes over time to optimize your resources.

Features built with your needs in mind

preventive maintenance scheduling calendar
self-service booking in facility scheduling software
IT request form, checklist, and asset lookup via QR code scanner
capital forecasting and equipment maintenance reporting and dashboards includes metrics like total forecasted replacement cost, estimated replacement cost per equipment type, and top equipment by maintenance costs

Asset tracking

Scan asset barcodes to access work history, user manuals, warranty information, and more.

Inventory management

Track inventory used, get notified of low stock and measure usage costs.

Facility cleanings

Set ongoing cleaning schedules, track cleaning supplies, and manage requests for custodial work.

Landscaping & pest control

Schedule landscaping service and pest control treatments, with associated costs and labor hours.

Fleet management

Request vehicle usage and track ongoing service, registrations, and expenses.

Security management

Report suspicious behavior, request camera footage, and schedule ongoing security audits.

Master calendar

View all facility activity in one central calendar, then filter down to focus on key areas.

Automated assignment

Save time and resolve work faster by automatically assigning the technician best suited for the task.

Communication threads

Consolidate emails, phone calls, and word-of-mouth conversations into a single communication thread.

Vendor & contact management

Keep a directory of vendors, suppliers, and outside contacts for quick reference.


Leverage auto-generated reports to view costs, inventory usage, completion rates, and other key metrics.

Interactive mapping

See all your assets on facility maps, or filter them down to train new staff and contractors on maintenance routes.

Full mobile access

Access the full FMX product on the go from your phone or tablet.

Single sign-on

Integrate with your campus login to automatically add new students, staff, and faculty to FMX.

BAS integration

Integrate a building automation system to sync HVAC and lighting schedules with building occupancy.

Sensor alerts

Automatically dispatch maintenance staff following an equipment failure or water leak.

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Colleges and universities are achieving operational excellence with FMX

FMX is easy for our customers to use, which encourages them to enter work requests unaided. FMX is simple and fast for our technicians: they receive work orders and enter accurate resolution info without administrative assistance. FMX is sophisticated enough for management to customize it to our needs, track necessary data, and to easily pull professional reports.

Dan McDermitt
Director of Facilities Management

Quick adoption by the team

Technicians are more efficient because work orders, PMs, and reporting are all in one easy-to-use system.

The fact that the campus can put their own requests in and then I just go in, approve and edit as needed. Before it was all phone calls. At one point, I had four phone lines. Now my phone rings four or five times a day, whereas before it was ringing constantly.

Deb Springer
Customer Service Representative

Provides a self-service campus portal

Drastically reduced the number of phone calls by creating a self-service portal for managing incoming requests.

It's so much more than the product. The product is important, absolutely, but so is the relationship.

Blayne Radford
Director of Project Management

Gained more than just a product

FMX helped configure the platform to meet unique needs and adapt it as they change.

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Benefits of facilities management software for higher education

mobile preventive maintenance software screenshot

Benefits of facilities management software for higher education

  • Protect a positive public image
  • Optimize department resources
  • Reduce emergency breakdowns
  • Streamline campus communication
  • Gain visibility on team activity

Making the switch is easier than you think

cloud-based data

Allow us to handle the heavy lifting.

We work with your team to transfer existing data and build workflows to meet your needs.

easy to use software

Empower your team with an easy-to-use platform.

FMX is built with simplicity in mind, so anyone can use it and be successful.

customer success

We're here to help along the way.

Our team is here to train your organization, with lifetime support to answer your questions.