Osher Marin JCC Success Story

Here’s how it happened.

Since its founding in 1948, the Osher Marin Jewish Community Center has played a vital role in Marin County. Their community center stands as a beacon of tolerance and inclusion. They strive to sustain Jewish culture and build cross-cultural understanding while enhancing the lives of those in the community at large.

All of our staff members have been able to use FMX. The fact that I don’t have to spend nearly as much time hand-holding everybody is insanely beneficial. We were looking for a system that would empower employees and allow them to problem solve on their own, and we found it.


As an organization that put a large focus on event scheduling, Osher Marin needed a robust event management/scheduling system. Unfortunately, their previous system was falling short. Its largest drawback was that it was paper-based – this made it difficult for employees to determine which resources were available at the time of their request, and often required multiple form submissions before an event was scheduled. Because there was no system to detect when a resource was used, resources were often double-booked. The team was also unable to assign multiple resources to one request, so the system user would have to enter the same request multiple times. Their reporting system also had its kinks – in order to produce the results they were looking for, staff members had to put in significant amounts of work.


With their new system in place, and its easy-to-use calendar view, everyone at Osher Marin is able to submit and close out schedule requests, and see a clear picture of what’s going on for the day. This has empowered users to schedule events on their own, saving the operations manager time in his day. Osher Marin is able to tailor their site to their own specific needs due to the high configurability of the system. By doing this, users are able to include details unique to the community center’s buildings and events, eliminating the need for pre-event meetings. Filtering capabilities allow the team to gain a clear visual of specific requests within FMX, and in-app notifications give users a clear view of all activity pertaining to their event(s). FMX also allows for easy communication between Osher Marin and their campus partners so they can understand each campus’s needs and track historical scheduling patterns over time.

Results & benefits

Because the operations manager doesn’t have to closely oversee all the events in the facility anymore, he is saving an average of 10 hours per week. The time savings with FMX was a driving factor for promoting him to oversee the entire rentals department.

Benefits after FMX implementation

10 hrs

saved each week for the operations manager