VIP Community Services Success Story

Here’s how it happened.

Founded in 1974 to fill the need for vital social services in The Bronx, VIP Community Services plays a key role in sustaining life in the community. VIP offers integrated medical, behavioral health, housing, and wrap-around services to improve the health and well being of the Bronx and surrounding communities.

There was no doubt that FMX was exactly what we needed. More staff are submitting work orders than we’ve ever had with any other system, and that is because FMX is so easy to use. Both staff and technicians can keep track of when the requests are submitted and receive notifications whenever that request is updated.


Before FMX, VIP Community Services was using another maintenance management system that wasn’t solving all of their pain points. It was too cumbersome for staff to input work orders, which led to a decrease in request submissions. So, in order to get the staff to use the system effectively, many training sessions were required. In addition, there was no way to create unique user types for every team, so each department had to go through all of the requests to find the ones applicable to them. These limitations created a need for a new solution, so they began searching.


VIP Community Services ultimately chose FMX because it was capable of meeting the needs of all departments. This creates better communication throughout the company and allows everyone to work out of one central system. They are also able to configure the site to meet the needs of their unique organization. This has enabled them to route tickets to the appropriate staff member based on request type and priority level. The clean, easy-to-use interface is extremely intuitive for staff to use – in fact, over half of their staff was able to submit a work order without any prior training or instructions. When getting their site set up, VIP was extremely satisfied with the 2 day single-sign on setup compared to the 5 month setup with their last CMMS.

Results & benefits

Creating a one-stop shop for all of their operational procedures has greatly improved VIP’s successes. For one, they are saving $40,000 a year by allocating the Administrative Assistant’s job duties to other areas. They have reduced their work order resolution time from 2-3 weeks to only 2 days, and seen a decrease in overdue requests by 88%.

Benefits after FMX implementation


saved each year


decrease in work order resolution time


decrease in overdue requests