Solution overview

Key capabilities

  • Work order management
  • Preventive maintenance management
  • Facility and event scheduling
  • Technology ticketing and asset management
  • Capital budget planning

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school mobile maintenance software

Enable your team with the tools they need on the go.

Report and resolve work order requests, set preventive maintenance schedules, track equipment on school floorplans, and manage spare part inventory to keep your school operating safely and efficiently.

facility scheduling calendar for schools

Create a seamless scheduling process you can count on.

From basketball games to field trips to laptop carts, coordinate your school calendar with maintenance, transportation, and IT scheduling without missing a beat. Automate your building systems to control doors, lights, and HVAC schedules to support building occupancy.

school facilities management reporting

Optimize your resources and validate future planning.

Use interactive dashboards and reporting to view asset performance, request trends, team efficiency, inventory levels, ticket resolution rates, and other trends and metrics. Create a capital forecasting plan, uncover leaks in your budget, and support key decisions with reliable data.

FMX's K-12 school facilities management software features

work order creation
asset and equipment management includes QR barcodes, maintenance history, photos, manuals, and equipment details
schedule request for a boy scout meeting appears on a master calendar, can be scheduled on a recurring basis, and include rental fee information
technology requests can include procedures, ticket forms, and QR code scanning
equipment maintenance dashboards include information like top equipment by maintenance cost, count of work orders, and preventive maintenance equipment summary

Centralized organization calendar

View all facility maintenance, IT management, event activity, and more in one central calendar, then filter down to focus on key areas.

Configurable workflow

Edit form fields, approval chains, account registration, and follow-up steps to suit your team's operation.

Fleet management

Request vehicle usage and track ongoing service, registrations, and expenses.

Asset tracking

Scan asset barcodes to access work history, user manuals, warranty information, and more.

Inventory supply management

Track spare parts and consumables to oversee the remaining inventory left in stock at any given time.

Security management

Report suspicious behavior, request camera footage, and schedule ongoing security audits.

Automated assignment

Save time and resolve work faster by automatically assigning the technician best suited for the task.

Communication threads

Consolidate emails, phone calls, and word-of-mouth conversations into a single communication thread.

Worker availability

See current tasks in progress and identify technicians available for assignment.

Time clock & labor tracking

Create a reliable labor tracking system with a built-in time clock to improve accountability and justify staffing needs.

Cost tracking & summaries

Track costs across all your tickets to improve budgeting and operational decisions.

Approval chains

Set an optional chain of approvals to prioritize incoming work and reduce the number of tickets in your backlog.

Vendor & contact management

Keep a directory of vendors, suppliers, and outside contacts for quick reference.

Interactive mapping

See all your assets on facility maps, or filter them down to train new staff and contractors on maintenance routes.

Full mobile access

Access the full FMX product on the go from your phone or tablet.

Single sign-on

Integrate with your district login to automatically add new students, staff, and faculty to FMX.

BAS integration

Integrate a building automation system to sync HVAC and lighting schedules with building occupancy.

Sensor alerts

Automatically dispatch maintenance staff following an equipment failure or water leak.

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Schools are achieving operational excellence with FMX

With FMX, it feels like the work order system and the scheduling software are really a single seamless piece of software. I love the calendar view as a global view of everything. I appreciate the fact that I can grab my iPhone or iPad and still enter a work order while I’m out at a venue like our softball field.

Marshall Anderson MS
Head Athletic Trainer

One centralized system

School staff can manage work orders and facility scheduling from any device with an Internet connection.

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FMX has helped us gain control of the submission, management, and resolution of our technology requests. Because user management is so simple to maintain, we can enforce that everyone in our district submits an FMX request for all tech work. We get a complete picture of how our resources are used and how efficient our technicians are at their jobs.

Kim Bishop
Technology Lead

A complete view of district operations

Technology requests and workflows are seamlessly integrated into a centralized system.

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We liked that we could filter the data and see exactly what we wanted to find and when we wanted to see it. Our old system could not do that. It makes it so much easier to find a work order or what the team did. Capturing the information is a part of what makes FMX stand out.

Captures and analyzes important information

Managers can capture and report on important information about technicians' activities in the field.

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persona headshot

quote icon Some tools are only used sporadically but FMX is not one of them.

Dave Petitt

Director of Facillities

Joplin City Schools

persona headshot

quote icon FMX is such a valuable tool in my work life.

Pam Sturiano

Events Coordinator

Worthington School District

persona headshot

quote icon FMX is the last facilities management solution you’ll ever need.

Cory Juillerat

Director of Technology

Chillicothe City School District

500+ school districts have upgraded to FMX

over 500 school districts are customers in the United States

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Benefits of school maintenance software

school maintenance work order request software screenshot

Benefits of school maintenance software

  • Create safe and healthy environments for students
  • Optimize department resources
  • Streamline and improve district communication
  • Use data to validate and plan capital improvements
  • Gain visibility over team activity and performance

Making the switch is easier than you think.

cloud-based data

Allow us to handle the heavy lifting.

We work with your team to transfer existing data and build workflows to meet your needs.

easy to use software

Empower your team with an easy-to-use platform.

FMX is built with simplicity in mind, so anyone can use it and be successful.

customer success

We're here to help along the way.

Our team is here to train your organization, with lifetime support to answer your questions.

Frequently asked questions

Is FMX cloud-based software?

Yes, FMX is cloud-based. As a result, cloud-based software has shorter implementation times, easier access, automatic system updates, and lower costs than on-premise applications. Read more on the benefits of cloud-based facilities management software.

How will FMX support my team and users?

We proudly offer lifetime support for all FMX customers. With that, you will receive a dedicated account manager who will meet with you regularly to discuss your needs.

Additionally, all users have access to webinar training, where they can learn how to submit and close work requests and how to configure personal settings.

At FMX, our support ticket response time is 30 minutes, and we have a 98% customer satisfaction rating.

How much will FMX cost me?

Pricing for FMX depends on the number of students enrolled or the total number of users. Other factors, like add-ons and additional features, can also affect the price.

How long does the implementation process take? And will FMX help?

Depending on each school or district’s needs, implementation times vary but can take as little as two weeks.

Our team will be highly involved throughout the implementation process. We work with our new customers to import data, establish workflows, and configure permission settings.

More about making the switch to FMX

Can FMX integrate with other software at our school?

Yes. FMX integrates with several systems right out of the gate. And, if we don’t already have an integration in place, we offer services to set up an integration to fit your school’s needs. Customers can also use our BAS integration to sync with their school’s building automation system.

Is our student data safe on FMX?

Yes. Our team will work with you to meet your school or district’s security requirements to the extent that they align with the sensitivity of the data we store.

Does FMX partner with any purchasing cooperatives?

FMX partners with several purchasing co-ops:

  • 1GPA for public schools, private schools, cities, counties, state entities, colleges, universities, and Native American communities.
  • TIPS-USA for K-12 schools, charter schools, private schools, Special Education districts, colleges, universities, cities, counties, state agencies, federal agencies, emergency service districts, park & water districts, Native American tribes, transportation authorities, churches, hospitals, nursing homes, member associations, and charitable associations.
  • AEPA for K-12, higher education, municipalities, non-profit, and other organizations.

If you're in Ohio, we partner with the Ohio Schools Council (OSC) for school districts, JVS, ESC, and DD boards. This can also be extended to private schools, libraries, municipalities, and other government entities through an affiliate membership.