Balancing low costs and high levels of output is the name of the game for manufacturing companies. However, more often than not, these objectives are at risk of falling short due to equipment failures, unplanned downtime, increased labor rates, and improper inventory levels.

FMX offers a configurable CMMS that enables you to mitigate these risks so that you can focus on producing quality products in an efficient and cost-effective manner. Read on to learn more about the benefits you can gain from FMX’s mobile-friendly maintenance management solution for manufacturing companies.

The benefits your company can gain from using a CMMS

  • Boost productivity by cutting costs and saving time.
  • Track and reduce equipment downtime.
  • Use robust reports and analytics to drive decisions that improve your bottom line.
  • Create instruction sets for your preventive maintenance tasks to ensure accurate completion and easily pass audits.
  • Associate inventory with all of your equipment in order to maintain an accurate count of all resources.

Features manufacturers love

work order software

Work Order Software

Respond to, assign, and resolve maintenance requests efficiently and effectively to ensure budgets are upheld and all requests are handled.

preventive maintenance

Preventive Maintenance

Schedule time-based and meter-based preventive maintenance tasks for all of your assets to decrease downtime and reduce costs.

reporting and analytics

Reporting & Analytics

Track team and equipment performance to identify productivity-related issues and to justify capital improvements.

asset & equipment management

Asset & Equipment Management

Keep maintenance histories for all of your assets and routinely audit these to identify trends or issues.

inventory management

Parts Inventory Management

Ensure proper inventory levels for all of your resources, and see a reduction in storage costs and stockout costs.

All CMMS systems are going to have similar functionality - take requests, monitor equipment, schedule preventive maintenance, etc. - but FMX is by far the easiest to use and their amazing customer support sets them above the rest.
Eric Turnbow, Facilities Manager
Ultradent Products
FMX is great for any type of business. It’s so quick and easy for information to be stored and tracked. The charts are already completed daily for tracking performance.
Terry Minter, Maintenance Manager

Manufacturers are saving with FMX


reduction in work order resolution time

20 hours

saved each week


reduction in work order response time

Learn why a CMMS is your next step to success!

A CMMS allows you to manage your plants' maintenance, so that you can cut costs and reduce downtime. Robust data and analytics allow you to analyze, and increase, your company's productivity, asset lifespans, and more. Download our eGuide to take one more step towards maintenance management success!

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Why FMX?

The FMX solution was built with ease-of-use at the forefront of our minds because we believe that in order for you to gain the most out of a solution like ours, people need to be able to use it. Your team will be informed each time a request is submitted, which will help decrease response and resolution times. Our simple interface allows anyone in your company to track their work, and each ticket's progress, for optimal efficiency.

Your personal FMX site is built with all the capabilities you need, but none that you don’t. Our team ensures that your site accurately reflects the needs of your company so that you can make data-driven maintenance management decisions.

By selecting FMX as your CMMS solution, you’re choosing a system that does it all. You will no longer need separate systems for inventory, maintenance, and equipment, because it’s all possible in FMX.

Our Customer Success Team is dedicated to helping you achieve your maintenance management goals, whether those be related to downtime, inventory, team optimization, or all of the above. With a speedy response time of less than 45 minutes and a 99% customer satisfaction rating, you can be certain that we are always here to answer questions regarding your site, to maximize your return on investment, or to help you achieve your most complex objectives.

Save money. Save time. Increase productivity.

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