Worthington Schools

Some insight.

Worthington Schools is located in Worthington, Ohio and includes 18 schools altogether. The district serves approximately 10,000 students in grades K through 12.

FMX is just amazing. It’s making my life so much easier because I don’t have to contend with all that paperwork anymore. Instead of a separate calendar for every school, I now have a central calendar that tells me who is using what building, documents the equipment they may need, and monitors the quality of the services (maintenance, food, etc.) we are providing.


Prior to FMX, Worthington Schools was collecting maintenance requests via pen and paper. This led to several issues for the district. To start, staff members were unable to see the status of their requests, so questions and complaints were frequently occurring. In addition, there was no way to expedite the approval and completion process because requests had to go through as many as 10 people before fulfillment.

Each school had its own equipment/facilities tracking system, so there was no central location for handling and monitoring the entire district’s requests. The district was also missing out on revenue opportunities because they were unable to charge businesses and other educational systems for renting out their schools. These issues led Worthington Schools to seek other alternatives.

Results & benefits

When implementing FMX, the software was easily customized to fit the specific needs of Worthington Schools’ district, and installation was simple because of the cloud-based system and step-by-step instructions. The FMX Customer Success Team has always been available to answer Worthington Schools’ questions and fulfill requests immediately over the phone.

Since getting FMX up and running, staff are able to easily submit work orders regarding burnt out light bulbs or equipment repairs, and can continuously stay up-to-date on the status of their requests. In addition, community requests for use of district facilities are expedited, and appropriate charges and necessary paperwork – such as liability documentation – are kept in the system to streamline requests and invoicing.