Groveport Madison Schools

Here’s how it happened.

Every school district leader knows how difficult it is to continuously operate a K-12 learning environment and the many activities, sporting events, transportation needs, and technology initiatives that come with it. Add in pressures from the school board, parents, and the community, and the challenges become even more difficult.

Groveport Madison Schools (Groveport, Ohio) is a district of more than 6,000 students spanning 11 school buildings. After years of working to balance their facilities, maintenance, scheduling, and other processes, they realized it was time for a change.

Our fundamental goal at Groveport Madison Schools is to ensure an ideal learning environment for our teachers, students, and faculty. FMX brought it all together for us, helping us continuously manage our facilities, maintenance, scheduling, transportation, technology, and building automation processes. Now I can focus on what’s most important - our students.


  • Maintenance teams struggled to keep up with maintenance requests
  • Facilities and maintenance requests were submitted through various means, but could not be effectively captured, reviewed, and prioritized
  • Scheduling processes were laborious and often error-prone, creating issues with double-booking
  • Facilities were often too hot, or too cold, leading to occupant complaints
  • Inventory needs were not consolidated, so buildings sometimes ran out of supplies or overbought needed items
  • Principals, teachers, and other officials lacked visibility into what work was getting done and when

The district had taken steps to remedy these challenges by implementing a ticketing software tool and building some other software in-house. While each helped mitigate some of the challenges, they didn’t resolve the greater obstacle of improving communication, collaboration, and effectiveness across the district. It was clear that a new approach was necessary to fully resolve their many challenges.

Outlining Goals

Groveport Madison Schools first formed a list of requirements that spanned the many aspects of managing a thriving school district, including:

  • Proactively manage work orders and maintenance requests
  • Implement and manage preventive maintenance measures
  • Support scheduling, district-wide, to support athletics and school activities
  • Connect HVAC systems with scheduling, to ensure occupant comfort and maximized energy efficiency
  • Manage transportation requests to ensure the safe and efficient bussing of students and teams
  • Capture and coordinate technology requests from teachers and faculty


The leadership then began evaluating several software offerings including SchoolDude and FMX, being careful to outline each district leader and department head’s needs so that everyone’s issues could be addressed. After an exhaustive trial period, Groveport Madison chose FMXfacilitymanager, a facilities and maintenance management solution that is purpose-built for K-12 education organizations.

“Ironically, many district leaders felt like SchoolDude was going to be our chosen solution, but that was before we saw FMXfacilitymanager. FMXfacilitymanager did everything that SchoolDude did, but far easier and with a more intuitive interface. We also felt their customer service and support were second to none.”

– John Motton, Maintenance Supervisor

Achieving Success

Today, the Groveport Madison School District is a model of effectiveness and efficiency when it comes to facilities and maintenance management. With FMXfacilitymanager, the district can:

Streamline Work Order Management: FMXfacilitymanager provides a single solution to manage facilities and maintenance requests across the district, used by administrators, faculty, teachers, staff, and the community. Every request goes through a simple interface that can be rapidly acted upon by department leaders.

Proactively Manage Preventive Maintenance: Groveport Madison Schools has been able to implement, manage, and optimize all of their preventive maintenance needs, spanning their facilities, buildings, equipment, and more all within FMXfacilitymanager. There’s less downtime than ever before, and most work is done proactively versus reactively.

Automate Scheduling District-Wide: FMXfacilitymanager helps Groveport Madison Schools plan, schedule, and manage changes surrounding their many athletic, music, academic, and other activities. Now one schedule governs the entire district, every building, and every team or group. There’s no more double-booking and fewer last minute changes to accommodate.

Building Automation System (BAS) Integration: FMXconnect, a building automation and utility management solution from FMX, integrates with FMXfacilitymanager to help Groveport Madison align scheduled events with corresponding HVAC needs. Now, gymnasiums can be a comfortable 72 degrees before basketball games in January, and classrooms can stay a cool 72 degrees in August. FMX partner, Dynamix Energy Services, also performed an energy conservation and efficiency project to further reduce energy consumption, resulting in cost savings.

Effectively Manage Transportation Needs: FMXfacilitymanager helps ensure the safe, timely, and efficient bussing of students, sports teams, and other groups all from a single schedule. Requests can be made, approved, and planned, so that everything stays aligned. Inspections and preventive maintenance is also done to ensure student safety.

Capture and Manage Technology Requests: Technology is ever-present in nearly every aspect of education today, so being able to effectively capture and manage support requests makes all the difference to support curriculums. FMXfacilitymanager makes it easy and centralizes these requests so building managers can fulfill needs quickly and effectively.

Key benefits

Since implementing FMXfacilitymanager, the Groveport Madison School District has achieved compelling improvements across their facilities and operations. The maintenance team is experiencing a 30% increase in productivity and their maintenance ticket volume has decreased significantly (80%) since moving to a single, district-wide system.

Because of their ability to sync their maintenance system with their building automation system, the team is saving thousands of dollars each month. In addition, they are experiencing consistent communication and collaboration district-wide across all key facilities, maintenance, and operational processes.

“FMXfacilitymanager really helps me because I have visibility into my team’s performance as well as all of the details surrounding each maintenance ticket, including ticket response times, the day a ticket was submitted, the day it was resolved, and those types of things. It helps me deliver better service, and that’s what matters most.”

– John Motton, Maintenance Supervisor

Benefits after FMX implementation


increase in productivity


saved each month


reduction in ticket volume