Brian Gregory

I’m Brian, the President and Founder of FMX.

I began my career as a mechanical engineer for an energy company, and quickly realized that I wanted to make a more strategic impact on the business. It wasn’t until 2012, when I was working on an energy conservation project with one of my partners, that I realized the need for FMX.

Meet the FMX team

The FMX Story

At the time, the school we were working with was trying to find a way to easily manage their facilities remotely while maximizing energy savings. We began searching for software that was capable of scheduling preventive maintenance, streamlining event scheduling, and tracking maintenance requests. While many options were available, none helped us achieve our needs and were far too complicated for staff members to use on a daily basis.

We knew we could create something better, so we did.

new task mobile screenshot

So, What is FMX?

FMX is a computerized maintenance management system that allows facilities leaders to streamline their maintenance processes, increase asset productivity, and track, manage, and improve the metrics that matter most to them. The solution has helped over 1,000 organizations optimize their operations and reach their facilities and maintenance goals.

Where we are headed

As we look toward the future, FMX will deliver new innovations for predictive maintenance, greater interoperability of systems through integrations, and new capabilities designed to enhance productivity across each organization we serve. We can’t wait for you to join us on our journey!