Our approach is simple.

It all begins with listening and collaboration. FMX was created based on direct conversations with facilities and maintenance leaders, and that hasn’t stopped.

Input from professionals like you guides and informs our decisions, so FMX works the way you do.

5 stars

FMX is very intuitive requiring little training and has a lot of great functionality. The Customer Success Team at FMX has been outstanding and have gone out of their way to make sure we understand how the system functions and work through our individual requirements. Definitely one of the best I have worked with through MANY software rollouts.

Ease of use

We believe in keeping things easy.

Say goodbye to multiple emails, phone calls, and complicated paper forms.

With a focus on ease of use and simplicity, your entire team will understand how to use FMX right out of the gate.

Our software puts your day-to-day management on autopilot and frees up your time to make data-informed decisions and planning.

I looked at about 10 different work order systems and they all preached that they would be easy to use, but I would get lost 10 minutes into the demo. When I had my FMX demo, I understood it within 5 minutes and knew this is exactly what I needed.

Angela Andrews
Associate Director of Real Estate and Asset Management

Unmatched configurability

Your processes, your way

The part that I found the greatest benefit is the fact that it’s so customizable. You can customize the forms, you can customize the users, and it’s a continuous improvement.

The Lexington School Todd Peyton | Database Manager

With FMX, you’re not stuck with a “standard model”

FMX is designed to fuse with how you perform your operations—with an additional benefit of organizational structure and advanced record keeping. Hand-in-hand, our solutions are crafted with you.

configurable request forms
full mobile access

Customer success

You’re never alone

Your needs warrant a streamlined implementation process that has you up and running and realizing ROI in a short time. The FMX customer service team is dedicated to providing it all to you, hiccup-free and with the resources that you need for fast staff adoption.

Whether you’re coming from paper or another system, we’ve seen it before. We’ve got your back with data migration assistance and continuous training for your staff and technicians.

Our stats speak for themselves:


customer satisfaction rating


implementation process

2 hour

response time

Gregory Hensley
Associate Director of Maintenance
Buncombe County Schools

We don’t know how you guys afford the customer service base that you have. It is phenomenal. FMX is not a vendor; they’re are a partner.

It’s been awesome to work alongside Buncombe from the beginning and watching them grow, specifically in the areas of inventory and warehousing.

Courtney Montanye
Customer Success Manager

There really IS a difference

Our approach is different because FMX is different. We are a company built by you and focused on you. There would be no FMX without our customers, and we’re grateful for the opportunity to help you achieve, cut costs, and improve efficiency.

FMX has been a great tool to help us as we have grown from one to six locations. Managing facility needs as well as production, inventory items. Tech support is fast and great to work with.

Chad T.
Director of Facilities

Don’t take our word for it

FMX is recognized as one of the most-reviewed and highest-rated CMMS providers based on usability and customer satisfaction.

400+ reviews on Capterra, Software Advice, and GetApp
Capterra Shortlist 2024
Software Advice FrontRunners 2024
GetApp Category Leaders 2024
Featured Customers 2024 Customer Success Award
Capterra Best Ease of Use 2022

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