Broadmoor Baptist Church

Here’s how it happened.

For over 60 years, Broadmoor Baptist Church has provided a friendly, comfortable place for people from all walks of life to worship, grow, and serve. With a campus spanning 212,000 square feet, they serve a congregation of over 5,500 members and can have over 300 events on their calendar during busy months.

“Your customer support has been fantastic. We don’t see you as vendors; we see you guys as partners, and there’s a big difference there...The interaction and the customization…that makes a partner. And that’s what you guys are to us.”


Before discovering FMX, the facilities management team at Broadmoor Baptist church relied on an email-based system to manage their work orders and a separate facilities management system for event scheduling. The email system required lengthy back and forth communication regarding work orders and made it difficult to track maintenance history. And the event scheduling software was cumbersome and offered minimal customization. In addition, the event scheduling software had recently lost its ability to integrate with building automation systems, making it impossible to turn on lighting and HVAC units coinciding with the event schedule.

FMX: The solution

After seeing the capabilities of FMX, it was clear that the system could handle their current needs and grow with them into the future. The fact that the system could manage work orders and scheduling was a huge win.

From the beginning of the partnership, it was clear that the software was far more user-friendly than their previous systems. Thanks to its simple design, it only took staff six minutes to learn how to navigate the system and submit requests. In addition, extensive customization options allowed Broadmoor to incorporate familiar workflows and vocabulary into FMX, creating a seamless transition for staff who are used to previous methods.

The team uses the calendar in FMX to track upcoming maintenance tasks and events. FMX’s scheduling request feature allows the team to reserve rooms and resources for each event. This prevents double-booked spaces and ensures the proper resources are available as needed for each event. The team loves that FMX hooks up to their building automation system (BAS) and eliminates the need to manually turn equipment on and off for events outside regular operating hours.

Broadmoor also reports that FMX’s customer service provides extensive support beyond troubleshooting issues by learning about their specific needs and offering tailored solutions.


So far, Broadmoor Baptist Church has realized about $5,500 a month in utility costs by integrating FMX with their BAS. Over a year, these savings add up to $66,000. Since making the switch, the team has also decreased their time to approve requests by 78%. Broadmoor Baptist Church is thrilled with these results and looks forward to seeing even more successes in the future.

Benefits after FMX implementation


saved in utility costs


reduction in time to approve requests