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Facilities Management Made Simple!

Who We Are

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Facilities Management eXpress, LLC, a leading-edge provider of workflow management solutions, empowers facilities managers and occupants of managed facilities to manage resources and equipment easily and cost effectively. Through the use of the latest cloud-based technology coupled with the management team's extensive knowledge of energy systems and facilities, the company offers the FMx™ suite of services built around a simple calendar interface. The FMx product line empowers users to do their jobs more easily and with greater control over their time. The reporting capability of the product line gives everyone associated with managing facilities greater insight into their operations.

FMx represents the next generation in work flow management for facilities managers and their clients. It was developed to solve the types of important challenges that matter most to facilities managers and is focused on just those issues. It is a much simpler solution than is available from the many legacy systems developed over the years and that have been adapted to the internet. FMx was born of the web and takes advantage of the capability of the many new tools available for training and communication, resulting in a highly effective service for budget minded organizations. When organizations utilize FMx they get better results, happier users, and proud facilities managers.

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Our Team

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Our team consists of engineers, software architects and developers, sales and marketing personnel, and entrepreneurs who have come together to build great software. Our software, delivered as a service, utilizes the latest tools and technology available which helps our customers do their jobs easier and better. Our engineers have extensive experience in building high functioning energy projects and have utilized that experience to form the basis of the preventative maintenance functionality within our service. Our designers and developers understand that our users don't want to become software programmers, they just want easy-to-use tools to help do their jobs. The FMx™ support team knows that when users have a question, they want to be able to get an answer, quickly and easily, and our human factors folks know that communicating schedules and plans directly and clearly makes for happier organizations.

The FMx team is dedicated to continually and constantly evolving to meet the needs of our customers. Our customers' success is our reason for being and we are dedicated to it!

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The FMx Story

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Facilities Management eXpress (FMX) was formed to create software which helps people solve everyday scheduling problems for their facilities, equipment maintenance, and transportation. This easy-to-use web application was born of necessity when one of the country's leading engineering firms searched everywhere for software to manage a recently completed energy project and couldn't find anything that met their needs. With necessity being the mother of invention, FMx™ was developed. After extensive user testing, FMx was released in 2012 to rave reviews. The goal of making calendar-driven workflow software, hosted in the Cloud, available on mobile devices, to solve a variety of common facilities management challenges, was successfully met!

Today the company consists of engineers, software developers, and experienced business people who have come together to build a great software company, a company focused on solving the needs of people. People such as:

The Facilities Management Express team is pleased with the overwhelming positive response from our customers, but we're not content to stop here. We are constantly looking for input from our customers to improve our service and help make their lives easier.

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Corporate Office

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855 Grandview Avenue
Columbus, Ohio 43215
1 (844) 664-4400



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Call (844) 664-4400 or email



1 (844) 664-4400

Affiliate Program

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Share your knowledge -Earn a lot!

If you know folks like yourself who work hard every day to make a strong impact on the facilities maintenance challenges in their organizations, our Affiliate Program is a great way for you to earn extra money.

We know that a large percentage of people who see our demo and try FMx™, go on to purchase our solution. We need people to help us spread the word, and we're willing to share our revenue, not just one time but ongoing, as long as the customer stays with the FMx solution and you remain active in our Affiliate program.

Best of all, if you're selected to become an Affiliate Partner, your earning potential is limitless.

Resources & Benefits

We make it easy for you to succeed by providing training through webinars and regular marketing discussions with our market managers and customer support personnel. They will not only help you develop the proper introductory methods but assist you in closing sales. You don't have to be a great sales person, you only have to know people whose lives we can make better with FMx, and we'll help you from there.

Commissions: Strong and Recurring

FMX pays a % of monthly customer revenues to our Active Affiliate Partners as long as the Affiliate Partner remains actively soliciting additional business.

Get started today!

Apply now to get started as an Affiliate or see the Frequently Asked Questions for additional details about the program. Also please review the agreement our attorneys require we provide, which covers all the fine details of the program.


Conflict of Interest Policy

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A "Conflict of Interest" is typically defined as an action or relationship that might impair an employee's ability to make objective and fair decisions relating to the employee's job performance. Many organizations add the words "even the appearance of a conflict" to the definition. FMX strongly believes in the avoidance of Conflict of Interest or the appearance of Conflict of Interest in all its dealings with customers, suppliers, employees, and affiliates and expects affiliates to behave in a similar manner.

Facilities Management Express, LLC, has developed an Affiliate Marketing Program which enlists the help of existing customers and others to spread the word about the company's products and services. FMX believes its services improve the lives of facilities managers and make their organizations more productive while reducing their costs. The company has chosen to compensate affiliates with commission payments directly related to their success in helping FMX build its business.

FMX recognizes the potential for there to be a conflict of interest if any commissions were to be paid to an Affiliate for revenue generated from a purchase by their employer. In such a case FMX will discount the price paid by the employer by an amount equal to the commission that would have been paid to the Affiliate or, with the Employer's written approval, will pay a commission to the Affiliate in lieu of the discount.

FMX also encourages Affiliates to disclose to their employers their relationship with FMX to be certain the employer does not discern any conflict with the employee's ability to do their jobs. FMX believes total transparency of all relationships leads to the best possible outcomes for everyone.

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Learn how FMx can simplify your organization's facilities management challenges! Simply fill out this form and we'll provide you with the information you're looking for in the way you choose to receive it.

FMX respects and protects your privacy
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Affiliate Program Application Process

  1. Request application
  2. Tell us about yourself
  3. FMX reviews/approves application
  4. FMX provides agreement

Complete this form and an FMX representative will follow up with you to gather additional details, answer any questions you may have, and provide you with a copy of our Affiliate Agreement. Upon mutual approval of your agreement we'll email you everything you need to get started, including your access to the Affiliate Resource Center, as well as an introduction to your FMX market manager.

FMX respects and protects your privacy

855 Grandview Avenue  |  Columbus, Ohio 43215   |   1 (844) 664-4400
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