Picture a world where planning, managing, and optimizing facilities and maintenance is easy.

Reduce work order resolution time by 67%

Manage your facilities and equipment with a system that allows you to run your operations efficiently and effectively.

10% saved annually in operations budget

Reduce equipment downtime and use maintenance histories to drive decisions regarding your most critical assets.

15% reduction in equipment downtime

Track, manage, and improve the KPIs that matter most to your organization.

Built with your needs in mind

customizable forms and workflows in work order software

Streamline request submissions and easily resolve maintenance issues.

FMXcmms PM scheduling

Manage compliance and schedule recurring tasks.

FMXcmms maintenance reporting

Track labor hours and costs, and justify investments.

FMXcmms parts inventory control

Reduce inventory shortages and decrease ordering costs.

FMXcmms equipment QR codes

Reduce equipment downtime and increase asset lifespans.

FMXfacilitymanager facility scheduling

Coordinate events and meetings in your facility.

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FMX always puts the customer first. They work with the customer on what their desires are, and never try to shove them in a cookie-cutter box. They actually care about how I want to do business.

We chose FMX for our new plant because it offered our staff the ability to work anytime, anywhere, on any device with an ease-of-use that others couldn’t match. The software is also continuously updated with new capabilities and is cloud-based so it’s easy and cost effective to manage.

FMX gives me capabilities I never had before. Now I can look at the equipment in each of our restaurants and verify the frequency and cost of every repair. Because the recordkeeping is so comprehensive, I can determine when a particular piece of equipment is no longer cost-effective and should be replaced. I can also more efficiently monitor travel for our fleet of vehicles, consolidating jobs and increasing productivity.

Our fundamental goal at Groveport Madison Schools is to ensure an ideal learning environment for our teachers, students, and faculty. FMX brought it all together for us, helping us continuously manage our facilities, maintenance, scheduling, transportation, technology, and building automation processes. Now I can focus on what’s most important—our students.

FMX stood above nearly a dozen other facilities and maintenance management solutions. Their ease-of-use, application performance, and customer service were superior in every way, which will help the Polynesian Culture Center achieve new levels of operational excellence.

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maintenance management assessment

Take the Preventive Maintenance Assessment

Get instant feedback on your organization's PM execution—and an action plan for improvement.

Take the Preventive Maintenance Assessment
FMX integrations and solutions

FMXmarketplace add-ons and integrations

Extend FMX with powerful add-ons to optimize your facilities and maintenance operations.

FMXmarketplace add-ons and integrations
reporting and analytics

Report: K-12 State of Maintenance in 2021

Find out what the top goals are for the next school year from over 100 K-12 leaders.

Report: K-12 State of Maintenance in 2021

Save money, save time, increase productivity.