Wylie Independent School District Success Story

Here’s how it happened.

As a fast growing district, adding more than 5,600 students and almost 1,000,000 square feet of space in the past ten years, Wylie Independent School District has focused on increasing the size and number of district facilities to keep up with the increasing population. With the resulting increased workload for facilities staff, it became clear that a new facilities management software system was needed that could provide better organization, tracking, and reporting of work orders and scheduling.

“We liked that we could filter the data and see exactly what we wanted to find and when we wanted to see it. Our old system could not do that. It makes it so much easier to find a work order or what the team did. Capturing the information is a part of what makes FMX stand out.”


With an influx of individuals moving into their south Dallas, Texas school district, Wylie Independent School District found itself quickly expanding to keep up. The increasing number of students required new facilities and modifications to previous buildings. An antiquated facilities management software system was causing problems and hampering progress as maintenance work orders were disorganized, could not be tracked by staff, or reported to stakeholders. Administrators’ reports lacked the detail they needed to measure departmental efficiency better. The software also did not have a preventive maintenance option, was challenging to use, and the team found that they had to visit three different websites to find the maintenance data they needed.

On the scheduling side, end-users wanted the ability to change and cancel their own reservations. Users wanted more control over their schedules so they did not have to rely on a systems administrator to do that for them. It became difficult to communicate to all parties involved in the nearly one thousand monthly scheduled events happening at the school district.


Wylie Independent School District decided to enhance its facilities management software with FMX. Finding FMX user-friendly and feature-rich, staff quickly adopted the software once staff discovered they could see pending and completed work orders from their mobile devices while on work sites. It sped up the work resolution process while keeping maintenance schedule requests all together in one system, making data recall fast, accurate, and accessible.

Even though preventive maintenance was new to the district, they added 103 pre-planned recurring maintenance events, delivering a new view of their maintenance strategy that is detailed, trackable, and reportable. And users were given the control they asked for as they could change their own reservations, and admins could perform other tasks.

FMX provided the district an events calendar for groups to decide where and when to schedule their events. The proper approval processes allowed the affected parties to determine if an alternative location had to be found instead of showing up the day of the event to find out that the facility was double booked.

Results & benefits

Using FMX, Wylie Independent School District maintenance response times experienced a 30% improvement. Maintenance crews can do their jobs quicker by pulling up the lists they need from their work locations. Wylie ISD has also found FMX to be highly configurable and, with all work orders and data being in one place, aided in creating a complete picture of current or completed tasks. Team performance, comprehensive cost reports, and comprehensive operations reports containing accurate data are confidently sent to directors monthly. It has allowed for the generation of reports to an individual technician level, detailing how much time and money was being spent completing work orders. This information helped Wylie ISD identify repetitive and/or chronic maintenance issues.

They expect to see an increase in savings as the preventive maintenance program takes hold and extends the life of assets or exposes when replacement will be less expensive than repair. As the district grows, they feel they have a system that will grow along with it. And as reservations continued to come in, they found that each could be dated and time-stamped, a feature that is helpful when multiple locations are required, and each has its own room setup requirements. Work orders can be tied to each reservation, identifying the labor hours involved to service the reservation. And, finally, FMX provided a single-source sign-in that significantly enhances the ease of the application’s use and allows users to jump between scheduling and maintenance without opening a new window.