Solution overview

Key capabilities

  • Configurable request forms
  • Full mobile access
  • Automatic routing
  • Inventory supply management
  • QR code tagging

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work order software mobile form

Capture the details you need the first time.

Empower requesters with a quick, mobile form. Capture essential details and attach photos of the problem to reduce back-and-forth conversation.

work order software with QR code scanner

View work history, user manuals, and more.

Scan an equipment item, technology asset, or vehicle to instantly bring up everything you need and get right to work fixing the problem.

maintenance work order software communication

Keep everyone in the loop on larger projects.

Post updates and view work order status in one central location. Ensure everyone has the information they need in real-time.

work order software labor, cost, and inventory tracking

Automate labor hours, cost, and inventory tracking.

View instant reports on how you're spending resources to justify operating decisions, hire new staff, and identify areas for improvement.

FMX's work order management system capabilities

work order software with customizable forms and workflows
work order software with mobile QR code scanner
work order maintenance calendar
work order software with mobile QR code scanner
work order software reports & dashboards

Documented work history

Keep an automated record of your work history to expedite troubleshooting and meet regulatory compliance.

Photo & file attachments

Include photos, videos, documents, and files with any of your requests, equipment records, and more.

Equipment warranties & manuals

Keep a paperless record of your equipment serial numbers, warranty information, and user manuals for quick access.

Communication threads

Consolidate your emails, phone calls, and word-of-mouth conversations into one system.

Notifications & alerts

Stay informed on all your related work through real-time updates and alerts on time-sensitive tasks.

Worker availability

See current tasks in progress and identify technicians available for assignment.

Automatic routing

Save time and resolve work faster by automatically assigning the technician best suited for the task.

Approval chains

Set an optional chain of approvals to prioritize incoming work and reduce the number of tickets in your backlog.

Time clock & labor tracking

Create a reliable labor tracking system with a built-in time clock to improve accountability and justify staffing needs.

Cost tracking & summaries

Track costs across all your tickets to improve budgeting and operational decisions.

Inventory supply management

Track spare parts and consumables to always see the remaining inventory left in stock.

Satisfaction surveys

Follow-up on completed work to ensure vendors and technicians meet your quality standards.

Associated requests

Easily associate related work orders to cross-reference on large, multifaceted tasks.

Request type categories

Organize incoming work by department and category, each with its own configured workflow.

Filtered task list

Create personalized views to see upcoming, overdue, or all tasks assigned to a particular technician.

Vendor & contact management

Keep a directory of vendors, suppliers, and outside contacts for quick reference.

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Make your job easier and get more done with a paperless work order system that you can count on.

Thousands of maintenance managers and technicians depend on FMX work order software

There was no doubt that FMX was exactly what we needed. More staff are submitting work orders than we’ve ever had with any other system, and that is because FMX is so easy to use. Both staff and technicians can keep track of when the requests are submitted and receive notifications whenever that request is updated.

Jimmy Liranzo
IT Director

88% decrease in overdue requests

Organizes incoming requests to prioritize and resolve them in a timely manner.

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I receive an email for every FMX work order that goes into the system, so I can expedite urgent requests. Before, I never knew where requests stood, but FMX now keeps me more informed. That gives me a sense of security.

Brad Cosenza
County Administrator

"Gives me a sense of security."

Gains better visibility into work order status and updates on resolutions.

We’re a growing facility with a lot more work orders coming in, and FMX is a good tool [to help us keep up with them]. For instance, I can pull it up first thing in the morning and see the workload. I can see what’s overdue and say to the guys, 'Hey, let’s get on this!'

Ed Corr
Maintenance Manager

6X faster work order resolution time

Filters tickets by status, department, or technician to tackle outstanding work and set daily task lists.

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Benefits of work order software

mobile work order management software screenshot

Benefits of work order software

  • Reduce your team's resolution times
  • Prevent lost or missing paperwork
  • Ensure regulatory compliance
  • Automate data collection and reporting
  • Validate staffing needs and operational decisions

Making the switch is easier than you think.

cloud-based data

Allow us to handle the heavy lifting.

We work with your team to transfer existing data and build workflows to meet your needs.

easy to use software

Empower your team with an easy-to-use platform.

FMX is built with simplicity in mind, so anyone can use it and be successful.

customer success

We're here to help along the way.

Our team is here to train your organization, with lifetime support to answer your questions.

Frequently asked questions

How much does FMX's work order software cost?

Pricing is based on the number of users working on and closing out maintenance requests (or the number of students enrolled for public K-12 schools), and the features and integrations most important to their organization.

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Is FMX's work order software a cloud-based or on-premise solution?

FMX is cloud-based work order software.

Comparison: On-premise vs. cloud-based CMMS

Does the software integrate with other systems?

Yes, FMX's work order software integrates with several software systems that will be ready for use out of the box. If we do not already have an integration in place, we offer services to set up a maintenance integration for your needs.

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What kind of support does my organization receive with FMX's work order software?

We are proud to provide lifetime support to our customers. Each customer is given a dedicated account manager that meets with them on a regular basis to ensure work order management success. Our average response time for support tickets is 30 minutes, and we are happy to report a 98% customer satisfaction rating.

Does FMX's work order software support preventive maintenance needs?

No, that is a separate capability: FMX’s preventive maintenance software.

If you’re interested in exploring FMX’s most common maintenance features, maintenance management software might be right for you.

I want different users to have access to different capabilities within the software. Is that possible?

Absolutely. FMX’s work order software allows you to set up different user types. Each user type can have different permissions and visibility according to your team’s preferences.

Can I import all of the data from my current system into FMX?

Yes. So long as that data can be exported into an approved Excel template, the data can be entered into FMX’s work order software.

What is work order software?

Work order management is a maintenance management strategy adopted by organizations of various sizes and industries. It gives maintenance teams the ability to identify needs, create and assign tasks accordingly, track end-to-end progress, and review maintenance histories.

Work order software enables organizations to manage all of this in one central system. Users can submit and manage work orders on-the-go, and maintenance managers can analyze technician and facility performance anytime, anywhere.