Faultless Linen Success Story

Here’s how it happened.

Faultless Linen is a healthcare linen-only laundry service provider with certified best practices to ensure safe and clean medical laundry services. Offering certifications such as Hygienically Clean, HLAC, Infection Control University, and Clean Green, Faultless Linen is a trusted leader in laundry services across the midwestern United States.

We chose FMX for our new plant because it offered our staff the ability to work anytime, anywhere, on any device with an ease-of-use that others couldn’t match. The software is also continuously updated with new capabilities and is cloud-based so it’s easy and cost effective to manage.


Faultless Linen’s existing system (at their other locations) did not allow staff to access the application remotely and many staff members found it difficult to use. Work orders included a mix of emails, phone calls, and other manual methods, which created reactive work processes. The system was also ineffective in managing preventive maintenance initiatives, which the company sees as imperative to ensuring continuous operation and minimizing equipment downtime. In addition, the team struggled to understand what work was getting done and what remained due to reporting limitations. They often experienced missing parts or excess supplies because of poor inventory control. These limitations led Faultless Linen to seek a solution that would eliminate their problems and modernize their maintenance management.


Since implementing FMX, Faultless Linen staff can now work anywhere, anytime, and on any device using an intuitive interface. Work orders, preventive maintenance, inventory management, and reporting is centralized into a single solution to enable a proactive approach. This has allowed the organization to fully automate all preventive maintenance needs, including time-based and meter-based maintenance processes, with alerts and notifications. At-a-glance, managers can now view reports and dashboards on every aspect of their maintenance processes. Internal teams can also ensure they have the right parts and supplies any time they need them with more comprehensive inventory control (e.g. barcodes and QR codes). All of their departments are also able to successfully and easily submit work orders and track the progress and completion of those work orders. The cloud-based solution fully connects the organization and enables each department to align on the right priorities, follow-up actions, coaching opportunities, and more.

Results & benefits

Faultless Linen has achieved a Return-on-Investment (ROI) of more than 4 times the cost of FMX through improved inventory control and preventive maintenance initiatives. Specifically, their department is saving $18,000/year in inventory costs and shifting from reactive to preventive maintenance is saving nearly $3,000 annually.

Benefits after FMX implementation

Over 4X

return on investment


annual inventory savings


annual reactive maintenance savings