Christ the Redeemer Catholic Church Success Story

Here’s how it happened.

Christ the Redeemer Catholic Church was founded in 1984 and now has more than 80 ministries and 7,000 families. Since the church’s founding, it has gone through many expansions, and now includes office spaces, a meditation garden, sanctuary, Catholic school, community center, and activity center.

It’s not a ‘this is what it is - you just figure out how to work with the system’ kind of software. [FMX] is making updates and constant improvements. For example, if I make an enhancement request, it’s not just going to be ignored - it’s actually going to be looked at as a potential update.


Christ the Redeemer Catholic Church began looking for a facilities management solution because their previous carbon copy paper work-order system wasn’t able to support their needs. For instance, when looking at a work order, staff had no way of tracking the building it was in or when that work order was submitted, which slowed down processes and didn’t allow for proper prioritization of tasks. It didn’t stop there though. Many work orders were misplaced or lost altogether because they weren’t kept in a digital system. Staff members also weren’t able to see which steps in a work order had been completed by a previous employee and which steps still needed to work on. In addition, staff members were submitting work orders only an hour before they were needed, which created last minute work for the team.


Since partnering with FMX, the maintenance team receives notifications for new requests as soon they come in. They can view these requests anywhere, anytime, and on any device (mobile and tablet) and update these in real time. The team is also able to handle maintenance and schedule requests all in FMX, and no longer needs to jump from one system to another. Because of the easy-to-navigate calendar view, everyone in the organization has clear visibility of their requests, so inquiries regarding status have significantly decreased. Most importantly, Christ the Redeemer Catholic Church is able to forgo the expense of hiring new employees because FMX provides structure to their workflow processes and daily schedule.

Results & benefits

FMX’s calendar view gives clear, quick insight into the daily schedule; it used to take 15-20 minutes to determine what what on the team’s plate for the day, but now it can be done in seconds. Staffing complaints regarding work order status have decreased by 75% since implementing FMX because of the clear visibility it has provided.

Benefits after FMX implementation


decrease in staff complaints


to view daily tasks