Faith Baptist Church Success Story

Here’s how it happened.

Faith Baptist Church was established in North Carolina in 1990. They average 1,200 attendees across three services every Sunday.

We needed a solution that was a good balance between a maintenance database and facilities calendaring software. FMX proved to hit the sweet spot for us, providing exactly what we needed. It gives us a way for our pastors to easily make maintenance requests, and, at the same time, gives the facilities management team the ability to log in and see the entire calendar.


Initially, maintenance requests were written on a notepad but this was ineffective, as was coding, assigning, and posting tasks on a wall-mounted calendar. For event management, only certain employees had a log-in to the event calendar, so it had to be printed and posted at least once a week; some part-time staff never saw it. A free electronic system that tracked maintenance requests was later implemented, but it had no event management capabilities, an important area of responsibility for the team. In addition, last-minute changes to existing events were often overlooked, and the addition of a new event with a short lead time often was not noticed in time to properly set up the room. Solutions to replace the free system were tested, but most were too expensive, and finding software that interacted with Outlook for calendaring purposes was difficult.


With FMX, users do not need their own computers because they can use a church computer or a smart phone to log in and see all the calendar events. This ensures last-minute changes are not overlooked and allows anyone on the staff to access the system and make and track a request. Because of its mobile friendliness, users can access information in FMX from any place, any time, and on any device. The software helps manage Faith Baptist Church’s events by preventing double-booked events. In addition, the calendar export feature allows events to be sorted and filtered to determine which events should be posted on the public calendar, with easy export to the website. Technical support is always available to address questions and issues promptly, and FMX’s price is fair and affordable.

Results & benefits

The office manager no longer has to key in every request and route to the appropriate approvers, which has improved efficiency of the calendaring/scheduling process by 75%.

Benefits after FMX implementation


more efficient when scheduling events