Now accepting nominations through August 23, 2024.

Do you know a technician who goes above and beyond to ensure your organization runs smoothly, efficiently, and safely? We invite you to recognize and celebrate their outstanding contributions.

We’re doing something a little different here. Our tireless facilities technicians deserve recognition, so why wait until the grand unveiling to share the love? Immediately on approval, we’ll notify your nominee that they’re in the running for the inaugural Technician of the Year and share your notes with them.

Help spread the word

Encourage your staff, colleagues, and network to celebrate your technicians by sharing this announcement in email and social media. Let’s celebrate the unsung heroes who keep our facilities and organizations running smoothly.

About the award

Winner will receive a custom trophy and recognition across FMX’s platforms and industry networks and publications.

The winner will also receive free admission to the 2025 FMX National Conference held on January 29–31 in Orlando, Florida, and two nights at the conference hotel, Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort, with travel expenses fully covered.


Open to all technicians, mechanics, groundskeepers, electricians, plumbers, custodians, and other skilled facilities specialists in the United States.

Selection criteria

We welcome nominations for technicians who have demonstrated:

  • Exceptional Skill and Expertise: The ability to tackle challenges with precision, creativity, and efficiency, showcasing mastery in their respective fields.
  • Innovation and Problem-Solving: A track record of implementing innovative solutions, improving processes, and resolving complex issues to enhance overall operations.
  • Commitment to Safety: A dedication to upholding the highest standards of safety protocols and practices, ensuring the well-being of both teammates and building occupants.
  • Customer Service Excellence: A passion for exceeding expectations, fostering positive relationships, and delivering exceptional service experiences.
  • Team Collaboration: A willingness to collaborate, communicate effectively, and support colleagues, contributing to a cohesive and high-performing team environment.

Important dates

  • April 15: Nominations open for the 2024 Technician of the Year Awards
  • August 23: Deadline for nominations
  • September 16: Finalists announced
  • October 14: 2024 Technician of the Year winner is announced
  • January 29–31: Winner is honored at the 2025 FMX National Conference 

Frequently asked questions

Who is eligible to receive the Technician of the Year award?

The award is open to technicians, mechanics, groundskeepers, electricians, plumbers, custodians, and other skilled facilities specialists who reside and work in the United States.

How will my nomination be shared?

Immediately on approval, FMX will send your notes to the nominee.

FMX may share your details about your nomination in its emails, website, social media accounts, and other promotional materials. We’re looking to spread love and recognition far and wide.

How will the finalists/winner be selected?

Review the eligibility and selection criteria earlier on this page for details that we’ll be looking for when selecting finalists and winners for the award.

How can I increase my technician’s chances of winning the award?

We recommend considering all of the points of our selection criteria along with describing in detail the outcomes that the nominee has on their work community.

May I nominate more than one technician?

Yes, we encourage that you take time to nominate all of the most deserving professionals at your organization.

When is the deadline for submitting nominations?

FMX will accept nominations until August 2024.

When will the winner be selected?

FMX will announce finalists in September 2024.

In October 2024, FMX will announce the winner.

Who should I contact if I have further questions about the award?

You may contact Laura Bahar at if you have any additional questions.