St. Joseph’s Academy Success Story

Here’s how it happened.

Since 1840, St. Joseph’s Academy (SJA) has provided quality Catholic education for young women in an environment that helps them grow in faith, knowledge, and respect for others. The high quality education is showcased in the students’ achievements each year. In 2018, 100% of students were accepted to colleges and universities around the world and many received scholarships to these prestigious institutions. The St. Joseph’s Academy community expects these young women to make a profound impact in the world.

FMX is simple enough that even without any training, my faculty and staff could easily utilize the software. For instance, when it comes to daily maintenance requests, I can just do my tours, take photos, and BOOM, just like that I can attach them to work requests, making it even easier for my team to know exactly what I’m talking about. FMX is one of the better decisions I’ve made this fiscal year.


St. Joseph’s Academy’s previous CMMS wasn’t checking all the boxes it needed to – multiple technicians couldn’t be assigned to one work order, inventory couldn’t be tracked when scheduling events, and too many steps were required to submit a work order. Because of the lengthy process, users were reluctant to utilize the software and would instead submit work orders vis email or phone call, which took time out of the maintenance director’s day and made it extremely difficult to track these work orders. The custodians were also reluctant to submit late night work orders due to the lengthy process. To top it off, time was wasted each week because the team had to hold a meeting in order to discuss the upcoming event schedule.


FMX provided St. Joseph’s Academy with a user friendly solution that made a huge impact on their school. Users are extremely comfortable submitting work orders now, and custodians are submitting work orders all hours of the day due to FMX’s ease of use, which ensures nothing falls through the cracks. SJA has created an effective workflow schedule in FMX that keeps their facilities running smoothly and has eliminated the need for lengthy weekly meetings. With the extra time the team has on their hands, they have been able to implement more preventive maintenance with step-by-step checklists for technicians and custodians, which keeps their assets up-to-par. The school is now able to justify additional staffing and expenses, and eliminate excessive event scheduling with FMX’s reporting module. Lastly, St. Joseph’s Academy finds comfort in knowing that no matter the size of the organization, FMX’s Customer Success Team will always be there to provide them excellent support when they need it.

Results & benefits

The FMX implementation process took only 2 weeks, which surprised the maintenance director because other implementations he’s been a part of have taken 6 weeks or longer to implement.

Benefits after FMX implementation

2 weeks

implementation time compared to 6 weeks with other software