Frequently asked questions

How much do FMX’s products cost?

Pricing is based on the number of users working on and closing out maintenance requests (or the number of students enrolled for public K-12 schools), and the features and add-ons most important to their organization.

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What payment methods do you accept?

We accept checks, electronic payment via credit cards (American Express, Visa, Mastercard), and ACH payment processing.

Are there upfront costs or additional fees?

FMX charges a one-time implementation fee to ensure your site meets all of your needs. Additional fees may apply for in-person implementation and other services.

Can I pay monthly?

FMX accepts monthly payments if your organization enrolls in auto pay. You may be subject to a monthly fee as well.

How long are your contracts?

Standard FMX contracts are renewed annually.

What support and services packages are available?

FMX offers an implementation package to get your site up and running in a matter of weeks. After your site has been set up, your team will have access to ongoing support throughout your time with FMX.

Can I add more features and users later on?

Yes, you can continue enhancing your site with additional features and add-ons. Your dedicated Account Manager will check in regularly to ensure all your needs are being met. This includes adding new functionality and new users.

Do vendors and partners count as billable users?

Vendors and partners do not count as billable users. Therefore, you will not be charged for adding them to your FMX site.

Do requesting users count as billable users?

Users simply submitting work and scheduling requests do not count as billable users. FMX allows an unlimited number of requesting users and community members to submit requests at no additional charge.

Does FMX partner with any purchasing cooperatives?

FMX partners with several purchasing co-ops:

  • 1GPA for public schools, private schools, cities, counties, state entities, colleges, universities, and Native American communities.
  • TIPS-USA for K-12 schools, charter schools, private schools, Special Education districts, colleges, universities, cities, counties, state agencies, federal agencies, emergency service districts, park & water districts, Native American tribes, transportation authorities, churches, hospitals, nursing homes, member associations, and charitable associations.
  • AEPA for K-12, higher education, municipalities, non-profit, and other organizations.

If you're in Ohio, we partner with the Ohio Schools Council (OSC) for school districts, JVS, ESC, and DD boards. This can also be extended to private schools, libraries, municipalities, and other government entities through an affiliate membership.