Palm Beach Tan Success Story

Here’s how it happened.

With over 25 years of success, Palm Beach Tan (PBT) has listened and learned what their customer members want. With this approach, PBT made the strategic decision to create clean, sophisticated store environments offering multiple levels of the most technologically advanced sunbed tanning equipment in the world. Their well-trained, professional staff guides customers to make the right choices to achieve the perfect color by learning their specific tanning goals.

Overall, to get [FMX] up and running, it took me maybe 3-5 days. We’ve probably cut our response time in half, and our efficiency in getting projects done by at least two thirds.


Before FMX, if a maintenance request was input in the beginning of the week, the maintenance team wouldn’t know about the issue until it was submitted on Friday. That issue would typically by overlooked until the following week, which caused huge problems if it was an emergency. Oftentimes, when a technician would go to a salon to service an asset, the salon manager would have a list of other issues they needed to fix. The technician would then have to go back to the warehouse to get supplies needed to complete those additional work orders, which made for an inefficient process. In addition, maintenance work orders were sent via fax machine once a week and then manually assigned to a maintenance technician. The leadership team found that new hires were hesitant to call the Facilities Operations Manager when urgent issues would arise because they didn’t want to be a bother. Finally, not all staff had access to submit requests, which meant many maintenance issues were not being sent over to the facilities management team.


The maintenance team is now instantly notified of all maintenance issues, and all staff members feel comfortable submitting requests as soon as problems arise – they have adjusted extremely well to using the software because of the easy-to-use and easy-to-learn interface (it usually only takes about 5-10 minutes to teach staff members how to use FMX). In addition, because of the easy-to-use interface, technicians are able to communicate with the Facilities Operations Manager about which work orders have been taken care of and which ones have not. They also have a clear view of their current work orders and can ensure they have everything needed to service a salon before they leave the warehouse. As an added perk, FMX is compliant with PBT’s strict PCI regulations.

Results & benefits

PBT has been able to cut work order response time by 50% and work order resolution time by 67%. The process of assigning work orders to maintenance technicians has decreased from 1-2 hours to 2 minutes. Implementing FMX has also enabled Palm Beach Tan to remodel 8 tanning salons because of the time savings they have achieved.

Benefits after FMX implementation


reduction in work order response time


remodeled PBT stores


reduction in work order resolution time