Saginaw County

Here's how it happened.

The Saginaw County Maintenance Department (SCMD) is responsible for the upkeep of over 13 of Saginaw, Michigan’s county buildings. Some of the buildings under their care include the Saginaw County Courthouse, Juvenile Detention Center, animal shelter, and county jail.

The time that it takes to process billings has improved tenfold, it’s wonderful. We’ve received a lot of feedback from the department heads that use FMX on a regular basis and they just love it. It’s so much easier for them to tell us exactly what they need.


Prior to FMX, Saginaw County Maintenance Department was receiving work orders via email or pen and paper, which made it impossible to track progress and often resulted in lengthy completion processes. Sometimes, it could take up to 7 months before requests were even addressed.

Once requests were finalized, the paper work orders were stored in boxes, making retrieval of historical data for buildings and assets extremely difficult. It was even more difficult to compile work orders and reports in order to create interdepartmental invoices. These challenges led SCMD to start searching for a better way to manage their maintenance.


The team was able to effortlessly implement FMX into their daily routine – the simple interface and short learning curve made it easy for even the least tech-savvy members to quickly understand the system. Once they began using the system, they better understood the limitations they were facing without FMX.

They are now able to travel between facilities and stay up-to-date on current and new maintenance requests on their mobile devices (this cloud-based technology was less expensive than similar on-premise software systems they evaluated).

The team is also able to adhere to strict budgets and validate the time and productivity of team members.

Results & benefits

The team has seen a dramatic improvement in their processes. To start, work order response time has decreased dramatically, dropping from 5 days to less than one day. Invoice creation has also been streamlined – the process to create a new invoice has decreased from 4 days down to a few hours.

Thanks to the time saved with FMX, the maintenance team is able to take on special projects and get a head start on long-awaited renovations.

Benefits after FMX implementation


reduction in invoice creation time


reduction in work order response time