Recently, FMX has become the ultimate facilities management solution for schools because of its ability to meet the demands of all departments. From maintenance to event scheduling to transportation needs, FMX has schools covered. In fact, most districts are able to let go of 1-2 software programs when they make the switch to FMX because of its all-inclusive platform.

By bringing all of your processes under one roof, leaders are able to see a holistic view of their facilities management and end-users are able to effortlessly submit requests for all of their needs in one easy-to-use system. Discover 11 more benefits of purchasing a one-stop-shop solution and why FMX is the ultimate choice.

Automatically updated inventory

FMX manages both maintenance and inventory, which allows inventory to be updated in real time based on items used for maintenance requests. This setup ensures that you always know how much of an inventory item you have on hand, are alerted when it’s time to order more, and can stave off inventory shortages.

Maintenance needs can be assigned within scheduled events

By syncing the maintenance and scheduling departments, maintenance staff can be alerted when their services are needed for an event. All event details including lighting, setup and teardown, HVAC needs, and more can be communicated in one location, which ensures a seamless event and no lost information.

Receive automatic alerts when equipment is malfunctioning

FMX integrates with building automation systems (BAS), which can provide your district with great benefits. When a scheduled event is coming up, FMX is able to communicate event details to the BAS, ensuring lights and heating/cooling are turned on as needed. In addition, when a piece of equipment is out of normal operating conditions, an alert will be sent to appropriate technicians notifying them of the issue. This integration ensures each school is running at maximum efficiency.

Manage athletic events

FMX integrates with BigTeams and Schedule Star so that you can manage all events going on in your district, including athletic practices and games. This ensures gymnasiums, practice fields, and more aren’t double-booked and allows maintenance staff to be alerted about any setup or tear down needs.

Understand energy usage

Track trends in your energy usage, and easily manage your utility bills in FMX. You can use this information to determine if new equipment is increasing efficiency, when to anticipate spikes in utility bills, the effects of turning lighting and HVAC systems off after school hours, and more. With FMX, you’re one step closer to becoming energy efficient and reducing energy costs!

Reports can be analyzed to determine the best course of action

Robust reports in FMX allow you to analyze team and equipment performance in one central location. Insights like these allow you to determine which equipment items need to be replaced, and which maintenance areas each member of your team should work on, ultimately helping you maximize efficiency. Little changes such as team structure and preventive maintenance for your equipment can make a huge difference in performance and can lead to time and cost savings down the road.

Manage field trips and athletic outings

Scheduling a field trip or heading out of town for a game? Manage chaperones, medical needs, food and beverages, bus drivers, bus mileage , and more directly in FMX. This keeps all information in one central location, provides insight for all necessary users, and ensures you are meeting all requirements that come with offsite school events.

Rent out your schools for community events

Many districts allow community members to reserve spaces in their schools for community activities, but some schools aren’t properly documenting or charging for these reservations. FMX allows community members to reserve spaces and necessary assets for events, and allows you to approve or decline these requests and then charge for the utilization of space. Rooms will never be double-booked again and users will have full transparency into the status of their requests.

Track technology tickets

Technology tickets are often tracked in a separate system than facilities, but with FMX you can do it all in one central location. Housing these two items in one central system makes it easy for teachers and other staff to submit requests whether it be for a computer issue or a broken light bulb.

Track historical maintenance requests

FMX allows you to look back at work orders or preventive maintenance tasks performed in the past to determine how a piece of equipment was fixed, how long a machine was down, how much labor it took to get an asset up and running, who was assigned to the job, and more. Maintenance histories allow you to determine what worked in the past and what didn’t so that you can make educated decisions on how to best repair or maintain your assets.

Manage your unique workflows

One of the greatest parts about FMX is its ability to configure workflows for your unique business processes. From administrative needs to student discipline to bus repairs, the system can help you manage it. FMX built this feature to meet the needs that fall outside of its feature list. We realize that every school operates differently and we are here to support all of your facility’s processes.

Choose FMX

Because of FMX’s unlimited potential, it has become the all-inclusive facilities solution for hundreds of schools across the country. Leaders have found peace of mind knowing that if new needs arise, FMX is able to tackle them with ease. See which processes we can improve for your school, and check us out today.

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