Maintenance leaders consistently try to balance low costs and high levels of output, but find it difficult to accomplish because of their demanding jobs. An effective computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) makes it easier for these leaders to keep costs low, throughput high, and equipment functioning properly.

FMX’s CMMS has been the solution for over 1,000 companies – find out why FMX was at the top of their list.

Easy to use, but powerful, interface

FMX uses a simple calendar that works well as the primary user interface because it is familiar to most users. Unlike the clunky, complicated forms and menus of some systems, the calendar interface is intuitive, and so easy to navigate that even the least tech-savvy technician can quickly master it. However, if the calendar interface isn’t your primary choice, you can always view your data in a table format.

Because your team can easily work on tickets in FMX, you will always be informed when an equipment item or asset needs worked on, when something is broken, or an emergency has occurred. If no one feels comfortable working in the system, it will never be used, which causes a couple of problems:

  1. You are wasting money
  2. You aren’t able to see what’s going on in your plant or analyze data because there is nothing to report on in your system.

Accessible anytime, anywhere, and on any device

Across every industry, employees need to be able to work anywhere, anytime, using any device. So, FMX has made it possible for your team to access tickets in the field using smartphones, tablets, and more.

FMX creates unique QR codes for each asset, so that you can easily scan and pull up every piece of equipment on your mobile device. This gives you access to all the work performed, upcoming preventive maintenance, downtime (if applicable), labor hours associated with that piece of equipment, and more. Referring to tickets, responding if needed, and closing out tickets is extremely easy to do on a mobile device as well. The system functions on a mobile device in exactly the same way that it does on a desktop, so your technicians will have no problems adjusting in the field.

Easily configurable

Every company has unique needs, and we built FMX to fit yours. FMX’s pick and choose model allows you to determine which aspects of FMX make sense for you and which ones you can do without. This way, you’re only paying for the capabilities your company will use, keeping total cost of ownership to a minimum.

Once you’ve chosen features specific to your operational processes, you can begin to personalize your site even more. Here are just a few of the things you can configure:

  • Each user’s permission settings
  • Approval processes specific to each building and/or ticket type
  • Custom fields for various types of work
    • Downtime types (e.g. scheduled, unscheduled, operator error, etc.)
    • Meter readings (e.g. hours operated, widget produced, rotations made, etc.)

Agile software development

FMX continues to provide a cutting edge software application because of our agile development process. This process enables us to quickly and regularly release software enhancements that incorporate customer feedback. We typically deploy enhancements every week—sometimes more often—with an average of 60 deployments per year. Compare that to the industry standard of one or two a year.

But don’t worry, your FMX site will only change when and how you want it to, with new enhancements made available automatically if you want them. The advantages of this frequent process are:

  • We can react quickly to customer requests
  • Changes are subtle, so the interface does not change dramatically which prevents confusion for the users
  • The likelihood of introducing bugs into the system is minimal with small, frequent changes

Excellent customer support

“Top Notch”

That’s what our customers say about our support team and we are here to back that statement up. With a 99% customer satisfaction rating and an industry-best response time of 45 minutes, our Customer Success Team is dedicated to helping you get the most from your FMX site and maximize your return on investment.

When you choose FMX, you are signing up for free, ongoing support via phone and email. You also have access to our online learning center where you will find tutorial videos, help articles, industry tips, and other useful resources. Each customer’s success is important to us, and our team is dedicated to providing first-class customer support to every organization.

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