Bonnell Aluminum Success Story

Some insight.

Since 1955, Bonnell Aluminum has been a leading manufacturer of aluminum products and services including extrusions, fabrications, and finishes. They are headquartered in Newnan, Georgia and have manufacturing operations located in Tennessee, Michigan, and Indiana.

The reporting feature has really improved our distribution of costs and accurately tracking our costs across the plant. It also helps us with capital projects. We can see how much money and time we're spending on equipment, and if you don't have that data, it's very difficult to justify capital projects."


Bonnell’s maintenance management software in place was outdated and so challenging to use that new employees needed costly, extensive training to grasp even the basics. They also had to submit work orders via word of mouth because of how difficult to use the software was. Since work orders were submitted through multiple channels, it could take months to resolve issues, and the software had not been regularly used in three years, resulting in an absence of historical facilities data.

Results & benefits

Since implementing FMX, powerful analytics and interactive
reports give insight into spending trends and the distribution
of costs across the plant. Preventive maintenance scheduling
has made it possible for staff to take a proactive approach to
maintenance, rather than reactive, and keeping an accurate
maintenance history in FMX has helped staff discover the root
causes of many recurring issues. FMX’s user-friendly interface
and short learning curve make it easy for staff to quickly learn the
system without costly, extensive training. FMX has also reduced
the need for administrative roles, allowing staff members to
focus more time on preventive maintenance tasks. Bonnell has
found the customer service to be excellent and fast acting, able
to address concerns and implement personalized changes in
dramatically less time than their previous software vendors.