Neosho School District

Here’s how it happened.

Neosho School District (NSD) is located in Neosho, Missouri, and may be better known as “Wildcat Nation.” Their District is made up of 11 campuses stretching from the Historic Downtown Square all the way to Goodman, Missouri. They have approximately 4,700 children, and young adults call NSD their educational home, and they only expect that number to grow.

They intend to always improve their schools in all facets, from building structure to curriculum, to create an environment conducive to learning.

I encourage every school district to consider FMX. They are by far the best all-around choice and have a commitment to customer success that no one can touch.

Challenges with SchoolDude

Neosho School District had used SchoolDude for many years before making the switch to FMX. Over the course of this time, Neosho School District realized that SchoolDude could not deliver the product they had promised. As the product stagnated, they began to search for other solutions.

FMX: The Solution

Since implementing FMX, Neosho School District has seen a drastic improvement in their facilities’ processes. They now have a single, one-stop-shop solution for maintenance requests, scheduling, and transportation requests that everyone can use. The district has also seen a huge change in customer support since switching to FMX. Their customer success manager has been the best individual their technology director has ever worked with on a technology solution. The entire district finds their customer success manager to be prompt, efficient, and always prepared to get them the answer they need.