Ultradent Success Story

Here’s how it happened.

Ultradent is a global dental manufacturing company that has experienced non-stop growth for over 30 years! They have vertically integrated disciplines of chemistry, engineering, automation, robotics, marketing, and more. Ultradent’s products are used worldwide by dentists, orthodontists, group practices, dental labs, government agencies, and universities.

All CMMS systems are going to have similar functionality - take requests, monitor equipment, schedule preventive maintenance, etc. - but FMX is by far the easiest to use and their amazing customer support sets them above the rest.


Before FMX, Ultradent had a fire-fighting facilities management department. When it came to prioritizing maintenance requests, whoever called in (and was making the most noise) was getting moved to the top of the list. All of their work was paper-based and there was no preventive maintenance efforts in place at the time. It was nearly impossible to see the resources they had and the cost of the work they were performing. These issues pushed Ultradent and Facilities Manager, Eric Turnbow, to search for something better. When Eric and his team started looking for a solution, they had two priorities:

  1. To find a system that the entire team could access, as well as be able to gain an understanding of everything that was going on in the facilities
  2. To determine how many pieces of equipment were in their facilities and then implement a preventive maintenance plan for each of those equipment items.


Eric and his team evaluated five other computerized maintenance management systems (CMMSs), and ultimately landed on FMX as their preferred solution because of its easy-to-use, modern interface. Now that Ultradent has implemented FMX, their entire team is able to use iPads to track work orders and preventive maintenance efforts throughout their facilities. Because the team is able to see their daily schedule, Eric no longer has to delegate tasks, which has saved him 20 hours/week in time.

With that extra time, he is now able to add Ultradent’s 1,000+ pieces of equipment into FMX and implement a preventive maintenance plan for all of these assets. Eric’s team also plans to put a lifecycle cost analysis in place to determine what each piece of equipment is costing their company, and make educated decisions around forecasting and budget. This allows them to do away with equipment items that are costing them more money than added value. In addition, Ultradent has been blown away by the Customer Service their entire team has received from FMX. The FMX team is extremely responsive, answers every question Ultradent has, and have been very helpful in tailoring the site to fit the unique needs of their company.

Benefits after FMX implementation


reduction in work order resolution time

20 hours

saved per week for the facilities manager


reduction in work order response time