Brumit Restaurant Group Success Story

Here’s how it happened.

Brumit Restaurant Group (BRG) operates 53 Arby’s restaurants in North and South Carolina. Their strengths and greatest assets have always been their people, and their commitment to developing high performing teams. This allows them to continue their expansion efforts across North and South Carolina, while maintaining superior operations.

One thing I don’t have to think about as we grow is whether or not the database can support our growth. All it takes is an email [to support] to set up a new store. I wouldn’t want to work with anybody else.


Before FMX, BRG was unable to filter which employees saw each request. Because of this, employees were receiving requests that spanned all 53 stores, which created an abundance of excessive, non-essential information. They found it difficult to find their own store’s requests, which lengthened the resolution time and led to missing requests. The facilities supervisor experienced similar issues because he received requests pertaining to all departments (IT, maintenance, etc.) as opposed to the ones specific to his own role.


While BRG was unhappy with a lot of their previous system’s drawbacks, they still wanted to keep the structure they had in place. FMX was able to configure their site in a way that was unique to their processes, but preserved the foundation from their previous system. Now, each employee is auto-assigned to requests specific to them and their building(s), and no longer receives requests that don’t apply to them. BRG is able to showcase how productive their team is with FMX’s reporting dashboards, which encourages them to set goals for improved operations in the future. The diverse age range of their staff has not affected their adoption of the software due to its ease-of-use, and BRG’s customer success manager had their site up and running in 28 days. Most importantly, FMX is able to support BRG’s growing franchise as they plan to open 7-12 stores in 2019.

Results & benefits

BRG’s work order response time has decreased by 99% and their work order resolution time has decreased by 50%. In addition, every time BRG opens a new store, the FMX team has that store up and running in the system within 2 hours, as opposed to 8 hours with their last system. To top it off, lost PTO requests have been completed eliminated.

Benefits after FMX implementation


reduction in work order resolution time

2 hours

to set up a new restaurant in their site


lost PTO requests since implementing FMX