Bloom-Carroll School District

Here’s why they made the switch.

Bloom-Carroll Local School District is a vibrant and amazing educational institution in the heart of a wonderful community. They offer outstanding academics and have award-winning programs in the arts and athletics. Their mission is “Our students, their futures, our focus,” and they are committed to working together to support their students.

We are extremely pleased with FMX. At this point, it runs itself, and everyone is able to stay on the same page across the organization.

Challenges with SchoolDude

Before using FMX, Bloom-Carroll used SchoolDude from Dude Solutions. However, after using the system for some time, they realized that it failed to give them the information they needed. Besides, the staff found it cumbersome to use, so they were reluctant to submit and close requests within the system.

FMX: The solution

With FMX, they now have everything under a single umbrella, including technology requests, scheduling needs, and transportation requests. They have a complete ticketing process, robust reporting, and a better user experience for all staff members and the facilities team. Overall, FMX has provided a one-stop shop for all of Bloom-Carroll’s needs. To top it off, the transition from SchoolDude to FMX was seamlessly perfect. FMX’s training materials are apparent and helpful, and the Customer Success Team is always available whenever help is needed.