When giving back to the community is your organization’s main priority, your facilities need to be fully functioning in order to support that goal. However, that becomes difficult to do when there isn’t a process in place to successfully manage your maintenance and event calendar.

FMX allows you to easily track and manage work orders and schedule requests for your facilities so that you can focus more on helping those in your community. Read on to learn more about the benefits you can gain from FMX’s facility management software for non-profit organizations.

The benefits your organization can gain from using facilities management software

  • Create better relationships with your community by utilizing FMX as a means of communication.
  • Improve fundraiser and event success by organizing dates, volunteers, resources, and more all in one system.
  • Reduce time spent managing maintenance tasks and decrease costs.
  • Balance day-to-day tasks and proactive projects to minimize safety hazards and failures from occurring.
  • Proactively stay ahead of equipment failures to decrease costs and increase efficiency.

Features non-profit organizations love

work order software

Work Order Software

Respond to, assign, and resolve maintenance requests quickly and efficiently to ensure all needs are being met in an efficient manner.

preventive maintenance

Preventive Maintenance

Schedule recurring tasks to occur so your team can keep up on equipment checks and increase safety for your buildings.

facility scheduling

Facility Scheduling

Ensure event and fundraiser success by scheduling resources, volunteers, and buildings for the date and time of your event.

inventory management

Parts Inventory Management

Manage inventory levels for office supplies, equipment parts, and other assets to decrease storage and stockout costs.

reporting and analytics

Reporting & Analytics

Run reports and analyze data to showcase maintenance savings, and to justify capital and staffing needs.

All of our staff members have been able to use FMX. The fact that I don’t have to spend nearly as much time hand-holding everybody is insanely beneficial. We were looking for a system that would empower employees and allow them to problem solve on their own, and we found it!
James Berti, Operations Manager
Osher Marin Jewish Community Center
FMX’s customer support has been phenomenal, and our Customer Success Manager has been so helpful. I’ve been through many implementations throughout my career, and unlike other vendors, FMX listens to the needs of my business.
Julian Serrano, Director of Facilities and Security
Opportunity Village

Non-profit organizations are saving with FMX


saved annually


decrease in work order resolution time

10 hours

saved each week

Learn why a CMMS is your next step to success!

A CMMS allows you to manage your organization's maintenance and event schedule so that you can reduce maintenance costs and more efficiently manage events and fundraisers. Download our eGuide to take one more step towards facilities and maintenance management success!

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Why FMX?

The FMX solution was built with ease-of-use at the forefront of our minds because we believe that in order for you to gain the most out of a solution like ours, people need to be able to use it. When users dive into FMX, they should be able to intuitively create a work order or schedule out a room without requiring any training. Our simple interface allows anyone in your organization to submit a request, and then track its progress, for optimal efficiency.

Your personal site is built with all the capabilities you need, but none that you don’t. Our team ensures that your site accurately reflects the needs of your organization so that you can make data-driven facility management decisions.

By selecting FMX as your facility management solution, you’re choosing a system that does it all. You will no longer need separate systems for maintenance requests, event scheduling, and inventory management because it’s all possible in FMX.

Our Customer Success Team is dedicated to helping you achieve your facility management goals, whether those be related to technology, maintenance, scheduling resources, transportation, or all of the above. With a speedy response time of less than 45 minutes and a 99% customer satisfaction rating, you can be certain that we are always here to answer questions regarding your site, to maximize your return on investment, or to help you achieve your most complex objectives.

Save money. Save time. Increase productivity.

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