Key capabilities

  • Maintenance management
  • Asset management
  • Interactive mapping
  • Community events & reservations
  • Reporting & analytics

Explore more capabilities

access detailed government asset records with QR code labels

Manage asset information.

Store all asset details in one place. Upload images, videos, PDFs, and capture additional information with configurable fields to ensure no asset data is ever lost.

map public works assets and infrastructure with government asset management software

Plan technician routes.

With Interactive Mapping, pin physical assets to a floor plan or satellite image, see open requests on the map, and plan efficient maintenance routes.

view municipal asset maintenance tasks on a calendar or to-do list

Work efficiently.

Manage team assignments, work request details, asset maintenance schedules, spare parts asset inventory, and more to ensure your team is equipped to resolve tasks.

Increase citizen engagement through community events.

Empower community development with self-service event space booking. Collect rental fees with online payment through Stripe. Market upcoming community events with an embeddable public calendar.

report on asset lifecycle metrics like for total forecasted replacement cost, estimated replacement cost by equipment type, and top equipment by maintenance cost for government assets

Plan for capital expenditures, infrastructure improvements, and more.

Gain actionable insights to identify expected asset replacement dates and costs, optimize labor schedules, and plan budget for the upcoming year.

Asset management features built with your needs in mind

manage municipal asset maintenance with a calendar and streamlined request and scheduling forms
view government assets and maintenance requests on an interactive map
track municipal and public works assets with QR codes and detailed records containing serial number, photos, warranty, and maintenance history
allow schedule requests for government-owned community rooms and facilities
track government asset lifecycles using reports like total forecasted replacement cost, estimated replacement cost by equipment type, and top equipment by maintenance cost

Inspections & checklists

Keep your facility safe and compliant with regular inspection schedules and repeatable checklists.

Building and grounds

Schedule landscaping and building upkeep tasks and track associated costs and labor hours.

Worker availability

See current tasks in progress and identify technicians available for assignment.

Master calendar

View all facility activity in one central calendar, then filter down to focus on key areas.

Inventory management

Track inventory used, get notified of low stock, and measure usage costs.

Facility cleanings

Set ongoing cleaning schedules, track cleaning supplies, and manage requests for custodial work.

Fleet management

Request vehicle usage and track ongoing service, registrations, and expenses.

Security management

Report suspicious behavior, request camera footage, and schedule ongoing security audits.

Automated assignment

Save time and resolve work faster by automatically assigning the technician best suited for the task.

Communication threads

Consolidate records of emails, phone calls, and word-of-mouth conversations from multiple departments into a single thread.

Vendor & contact management

Keep a directory of vendors, suppliers, and outside contacts for quick reference.

Reporting & analytics

Leverage auto-generated reports to view costs, inventory usage, completion rates, and other key metrics.

Full mobile access

Access the full FMX product on the go from your phone or tablet.

BAS integration

Integrate a building automation system to sync HVAC and lighting schedules with building occupancy.

Sensor alerts

Automatically dispatch maintenance staff following a detected equipment failure or water leak.

See how FMX can help manage your municipal and public works assets

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Related use cases

Local governments are achieving operational excellence with FMX

We’ve received a lot of feedback from the department heads that use FMX on a regular basis and they just love it. It’s so much easier for them to tell us exactly what they need.

Beth Capen
Administrative Services Assistant

90% decrease work order response time

Response time has decreased dramatically, dropping from 5 days to less than one day.

Read their story

I don’t hear complaints anymore about facilities not getting back or not knowing who to contact. It really has given them one platform that they know is going to be followed up on. They can ask questions, see where things are, and, for me, it’s peace of mind. I know we’re not dropping the ball on anything anymore.

Jackie Thiel
Assistant City Manager

“It makes the day-to-day much easier."

With a centralized system, building maintenance is able to see what they need to do across the city each day.

Read their story

I receive an email for every FMX work order that goes into the system so I can expedite urgent requests. Before, I never knew where requests stood, so FMX now keeps me more informed. That gives me a sense of security.

Brad Cosenza
County Administrator

Prioritized and visible work requests

Increased visibility to the status of all requests makes it easier prioritize.

Since implementation, FMX has streamlined and brought everything together for us to work more efficiently and increase accountability. We have everything documented in FMX—it’s the one place to go to find the answer to almost everything that we’re doing.

Dennis Keller
Facilities Manager

Increased accountability and efficiency

With all asset information in one place, communication and accountability is streamlined.

Benefits of local government asset management software

mobile preventive maintenance software screenshot

Benefits of local government asset management software

  • Increased community satisfaction rates
  • Support community development through event management and advertising
  • Find opportunities to decrease costs with actionable insights from interactive dashboards
  • Increase critical asset performance and lifetime
  • Ensure infrastructure is up to public safety standards and compliant through increased accountability and reporting
  • Save hundreds of thousands of dollars with preventive maintenance
  • Enhance the park experience for community members with facility scheduling
  • Provide a seamless community requestor portal for ease of use

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