FMX Leaders

Jeff Wilkins
With years of entrepreneurial experience under his belt, Jeff provides future vision for FMX along with business strategy, leadership, and mentorship for our talented team. An avid golfer, ex-pilot, storyteller, and country music lover, Jeff enjoys immersing himself in his passions and spending lots of time with his large family.

Jeff Wilkins CEO

Brian Gregory
FMX without Brian would be like a ship without a captain. Even with a schedule packed full of managing, growing, creating, and connecting, Brian still finds the time to share his industry knowledge, make a great cup of coffee, and crack jokes with the team. After hours he enjoys trail running, reading, and going to live music shows.

Brian Gregory President and Founder

Brandi Templeton
Disney fangirl and cupcake baker extraordinaire, Brandi maintains customer happiness with her incredible multi-tasking skills, and the team’s happiness with her soon-to-be-famous cake pops. When she’s off the clock, chances are she’s Pinteresting new craft project ideas or brushing up on her medical knowledge by watching reruns of her favorite show, Grey’s Anatomy.

Brandi Templeton VP of Customer Success

Marc Stitt
With more than 20 years of marketing leadership experience, Marc is responsible for leading go-to-market strategy, branding, demand generation, and product marketing for FMX. Marc enjoys spending time with his family, traveling, and honing his skills as a barbecue pitmaster.

Marc Stitt Vice President, Marketing

FMX Team

Abby Filer
Abby is one of the main reasons for the fantastic group of people that make up the FMX team because she recruits all of our talent! When she's not pretending to be Toby Flenderson, she's most likely watching New Girl with a glass of wine in her hand, or adding to her collection of 211+ four-leaf clovers. She is one lucky girl!

Abby Filer Manager, People Operations

Abigail Haberski
In Abigail's free time, you can find this wing connoisseur hiking, trying new restaurants, eating pierogies, or playing with her dog, Max! When she's in the office, she's most likely providing helpful and timely support to our customers or making delicious coffee for the FMX team.

Abigail Haberski Customer Success Manager

Adam Seymour
Not only does Adam help keep FMX's customer satisfaction rating at 100%, but he also has two Bachelor Degrees! When he's not importing data and helping our customers learn how to use FMX, you can find this Cleveland Indians fan playing golf or catching up on The Office.

Adam Seymour Customer Success Specialist

Alayna Giesting
Being a former vocalist and performer gives Alayna all the peppiness and positivity needed to assist the FMX marketing team. When she’s not crafting up new content and keeping the FMX brand in check, you can find her eating tacos and pizza, traveling the world or snuggling up with her cat to binge-watch Friends.

Alayna Giesting Manager, Brand and Content

Alex Marquis
Alex enjoys being outdoors, collecting old books, watching his favorite tv show "Psych", and playing the occasional round of golf. His vast experience in customer support, coupled with the fact that he is highly motivated by challenges, makes him the perfect fit for the FMX Customer Success team!

Alex Marquis Customer Success Specialist

Allison McGillivray
Allison’s organizational and problem-solving skills help her to come up with ideas for some bomb-diggity product enhancements to FMX. When she's not busy managing our Product Development team, you can find her brewing beer with her husband, cooking delicious Italian food or hiking with her dog, Porter.

Allison McGillivray Manager, Product & Engineering

Andrea Lindenmuth
Before starting her career with FMX, Andrea was a former schoolteacher for children with autism. Her kind spirit and fun energy are what make her a great fit for our customer success team. When she’s not answering customer support calls and emails, you can find her at the gym, on her patio relaxing with friends, or traveling.

Andrea Lindenmuth Account Manager

Andrew Pirtle
The only thing more impressive than Andrew's ability to schedule demos with our prospects is his ability to inhale White Castle's double jalapeño cheese sliders. When he's not speaking with potential FMX customers (or making us all laugh), you can find him backpacking or producing music!

Andrew Pirtle Business Development Specialist

Austin Geisler
As a former professional lacrosse player, it’s safe to say that Austin thrives on a little competition in, and out, of the office. His endurance, not only on the field, but also as a member of the FMX Sales team, makes him a true asset to the company! When he's not running in the Short North or setting sales appointments, you can find him enjoying his favorite Italian dish, Chicken Parmesan, at Moretti's!

Austin Geisler Business Development Specialist

Brandon Sinram
He claims that the happiest he's ever been (except for his wedding day) was when the Cubs won the 2016 World Series, but we like to think that it's the day he joined the FMX team! When he’s not providing technical resources to the FMX sales team, or communicating prospect & industry feedback to the development team, he's going on adventures with his golden retriever, Dexter, or participating in eating contests with his brother!

Brandon Sinram Sales Engineer

Chris Peters
We don’t know what’s more impressive, Chris’ 20+ years of web development experience, or his out-of-this-galaxy Chewbacca impression. When this s’more-loving father of two isn’t building and maintaining our awesome FMX website, he is either enjoying a good run, playing with his kiddos, or reading a good book!

Chris Peters Manager, Digital Marketing

Cole McCurry
Saying that Cole is a unique individual is an understatement. He is a travel fanatic, takes any chance he has to participate in a sport, and holds the record for "Most Hit by Pitches" on his high school and college baseball teams. When he's not testing software enhancement or squashing software bugs, you can find him cheering on the Dallas Cowboys and playing golf.

Cole McCurry QA/Product Specialist

Corey Brown
Corey is a philanthropist, a weight-lifter, a go-getter, and also the youngest of the FMX family! His fresh energy and his hardworking personality make him a great fit for the FMX Sales team. When he's not setting appointments with prospective new customers, you can find him spending time with his family and fiance, or reading up on the latest business and sales books!

Corey Brown Business Development Specialist

Courtney Montanye
Courtney brings the cheesy one-liners and a lot of perseverance to FMX’s Customer Success Team. And between her group fitness sessions and Grey’s Anatomy binge sessions, she’s the gal to call for a pep talk or to help apply a Band-Aid! When she’s not providing top-notch support to her customers, you can find her taking long walks on the beach with her dachshunds, Rascal and Ka$h, and hitting up the movies.

Courtney Montanye Customer Success Manager

Darin Porter
With over 19 years of experience as a K-12 Facilities Manager, Darin brings a whole new level of expertise to the FMX team. And if his sense of humor doesn’t win you over, his southern accent sure will! When he’s not discussing the benefits of FMX with schools, you can find him golfing, camping, or spending time with his family.

Darin Porter Industry Practice Leader (K-12)

David Hague
With 8+ years as a software developer, David brings a great set of skills to the FMX development team. When he’s not fixing bugs, writing new features, or finding ways to solve any problem thrown his way, he is either playing with his dog, Lana, watching the Cleveland Browns, or out searching for the perfect Hefeweizen!

David Hague Senior Software Developer

Drew Stone
If there's one thing Drew brings to the FMX team, it's his competitive drive. Whether it's catching the biggest fish, beating a video game, or taking someone down in wrestling, Drew can do it! At FMX, you can find him using his competitive drive to create sales opportunities for the team.

Drew Stone Business Development Specialist

Ethan Day
What do you get when you combine a love for reading and writing, and a Batman obsession? Ethan, of course! When he’s not busy at work leading his outstanding group of Customer Success Specialists, you can most likely find this southpaw cheering on the Buckeyes, Cavs, Indians, and Browns!

Ethan Day Manager, Customer Success

Gerad Stephens
Trust us when we say Gerad is the king wizard of Account Executives. Seriously, this guy could sell water to a drowning man while popping wheelies on his motorcycle. When he’s not keeping everyone in the FMX office on their toes, he can be found befriending strangers with his friendly personality or rocking out on the keys.

Gerad Stephens Account Executive

Henry Messinger
When Henry joined the team, we had no idea we were getting an amateur chef too! If he's not cracking jokes in the office or helping our awesome customers utilize all of the features FMX has to offer, you can find him whipping up some enchiladas or a mean cup of joe.

Henry Messinger Customer Success Specialist

Jack Haslup
Jack could not be more important to the FMX team because he’s our number one number cruncher! When he’s not creating data-driven forecasts or tracing through processes and systems for FMX, this University of South Carolina grad can be found fly fishing, catching up the latest terrible action movie, or cheering on the UofSC basketball and football teams.

Jack Haslup Manager, Financial Planning and Analysis

Jamie Gregory
She’s the mom of two adorable twin boys, she makes FMX a great place to work, and she’s a crafting fanatic. Is there anything this superwoman can’t do? When Jamie’s not working on recruiting awesome new FMX team members, training new hires, and making sure all employees are happy, she can be found drinking a cup of joe and spending time with her family.

Jamie Gregory Culture Development Consultant

Jason Davis
While Jason claims that he's only here to look at photos of everyone's dogs, he actually plays a vital role in maintaining FMX's best-in-class customer support. When he's not keeping customer satisfaction rates high, this Browns fan can be found watching Netflix, hanging with his friends, or playing basketball.

Jason Davis Customer Success Specialist

Jason Manley
This Hoosier brings a lot to the FMX team; whether he's traveling with his girlfriend, playing video games, or watching sports, he always has a positive attitude. Here at FMX he imports data to customer sites, provides top notch customer support, and keeps the team calm, cool, and collected.

Jason Manley Customer Success Specialist

Jess Sparks
When Jess isn’t maintaining high Customer Success standards, she can be found watching an Indians game, taking her WWII history expertise to a new level, or obsessing over adorable corgis. Her eagerness to help and teachable attitude make her the perfect Customer Success Specialist, and she fits right in the FMX family with her love for Parks and Rec.

Jess Sparks Customer Success Manager

Jessica Thomas
With over 10 years experience, FMX's Giphy Queen is responsible for optimizing FMX's attribution model, ensuring data quality, and making everyone's lives easier. Outside of the office, you can find Jessica collecting coins, participating in extreme adventure sports, playing the harmonica, or working towards her purple belt.

Jessica Thomas Director, Revenue Operations

Jodi Davy
With 25 years of sales and marketing experience, Jodi brings a multitude of talents to the FMX team! When this mother of two and “Jack of all trades” isn’t driving her kids to theater or soccer practice, you can find her relaxing at her family cabin in Hocking Hills (she loves nature), reading a good book, or getting creative in her art studio!

Jodi Davy Branch Manager

Joel Musheno
Joel's background in consulting and application development will provide FMX with some fresh eyes and new ideas! He's been an application architect and developer for nearly 20 years, and, in his free time, he enjoys soccer (THE Arsenal!), exercise and reading.

Joel Musheno Senior Software Developer

Jordan Brake
We’re lucky we snagged Jordan when we did, otherwise he might be shredding a guitar in a band right now! When he’s not bringing the party to FMX and hoarding starburst in the conference room, you can find him playing basketball or catching up with his good pal, Michael Scott.

Jordan Brake Account Executive

Kathryn Moore
A lifelong lover of books and long walks, Kathryn's official duty is to help existing customers and Account Managers find the most value out of FMX. Her unofficial duty is taking notes on everything and sharing good podcasts with the team. The keys to her heart are good cookies and Netflix binges.

Kathryn Moore Manager, Customer Success

Katie Zwick
Between her background in video production and English education, Katie brings a multitude of talents to FMX’s Marketing Team! When she’s not managing trade shows and customer marketing, you can find this Star Wars obsessed pickle lover attending a concert, kayaking, reading a good book (who doesn’t love a good Hemingway novel?), or taking her dog, Lucy, on walks!

Katie Zwick Marketing Communications Manager

Kee Sern Chua
Kee’s TV preferences include dramas from Hong Kong and Korea in addition to shows like The Big Bang Theory, reflecting the diversity he brings to FMX. When he’s not implementing bug-free algorithms and new features for FMX, he can be found playing badminton or Dota and analyzing the stock market.

Kee Sern Chua Software Developer

Laura Lehner
What do you get when you mix a love for food with a love for people? Laura, of course! Her fun and social personality shine on the Sales Team as she constantly uses her people skills to create relationships with potential customers. If you're ever down for some good eats, a dog walking buddy, or some football, she's the person to call.

Laura Lehner Account Executive

Lindsey Dittmar
Celebrating her birthday three days before Christmas each year has given Lindsey the cheerful attitude it takes to deliver great customer service. When she’s not managing the FMX Customer Success Managers, this former OU Bobcat enjoys traveling, going to concerts, and binge-watching episodes of Parks and Recreation and The Office.

Lindsey Dittmar Manager, Customer Success

Logan Maholm
Believe us when we say that you will never catch this guy without a smile on his face! Logan's positivity, as well as his ability to bring the laughs (and the competitiveness) to the FMX Sales team have made him a great fit amongst his teammates. When he's not building relationships and setting up future FMX customers with top notch AE's at the office, this avid Cleveland sports fan is either watching a game, golfing, working out, or traveling!

Logan Maholm Business Development Specialist - Outbound

Matthew Mulvane
This live theater and comedy club guru is a true asset to the FMX Sales team. With 5 years of experience in the Marine corps, you could say that this guy truly knows how to keep things in order when it comes to running a team. His great coaching and leadership skills, and his ability to bring a fresh perspective to the team, make him a rare find in our book!

Matthew Mulvane Manager, Sales

Michael Doran
What do you get when you mix lightheartedness with a killer development brain? Michael, of course! And even though he likes to keep it on the DL, he’s met LeBron James before. So, he’s kind of a big deal. When he’s not syncing FMX with other products, you can find him at a Columbus Crew game, hanging out with friends, or binge-watching episodes of The Wire.

Michael Doran Software Developer

Mike Baker
This uncle of 21 brings a fun, hard-working spirit to the FMX team. When he’s not assisting the FMX account executives with the set up and implementation of prospect needs, he enjoys fishing, snowboarding and watching all sorts of TV shows from corny sit-coms to high-action series. So, if you need a suggestion for a show to binge-watch on Netflix, you know who to call.

Mike Baker Sales Enablement Specialist

Mike Manuche
Mike brings the same optimism and drive to the FMX team that he brought to the OSU varsity wrestling team. He enjoys challenging himself and others daily. When he’s not leading the FMX Account Executive team, he loves reading, especially George R.R. Martin’s, A Song of Ice and Fire.

Mike Manuche Manager, Sales

Mike Ward
If Mike had a dollar for every marathon he’s run, he’d have $6, which doesn’t begin to cover how much Mike is worth to the team. His years of industry experience combined with his first aid certifications don't just make him a strong account executive, they also make the team feel a little safer. His perfect weekend consists of family activities, running, action movies, fishing, and carb loading for his next run or race.

Mike Ward Account Executive

Mitch Galehouse
With an enviable work ethic and unwavering persistence, Mitch always dives head first into designing, developing, scaling, and incorporating customer feedback into the FMX software. Outside of work, Mitch is either dominating friends in Fitbit challenges, playing sports with his brothers, or learning how to fly airplanes.

Mitch Galehouse Senior Software Developer & Founder

Nathaniel Stutsman
When this fun-loving, small-town, bookworm isn't helping customers solve problems on the FMX Customer Success team, he's either hitting the slopes in the winter, listening to a good podcast, hiking with his dog (Randall), or just having a good ol' time! Nate's diverse range of interests and hobbies, coupled with his background in account management and digital marketing, most definitely make him a great fit for the FMX CS team!

Nathaniel Stutsman Account Manager

Robert Jenkins
Between being a wrestling coach, playing softball, and fishing with his two boys, Rob is a busy guy! But that doesn’t keep him from bringing his out-of-the-box ideas to the FMX sales team. When he’s not meeting with prospects, he can be found mowing the grass or tubing down Mad River!

Robert Jenkins Account Executive

Ryan Genn
2-time NCAA volleyball champion, Ryan, ramps up the competition in the office thanks to his time as an OSU athlete. His competitive drive makes him the perfect person to discuss FMX’s capabilities with prospects during demos. Off the clock, you can find him listening to music or brushing up on his volleyball skills.

Ryan Genn Account Executive

Sam Blazer
Sam is the go-to guy in the office when anyone needs a good movie or tv show recommendation ("The Royal Tenenbaums" and "The Sopranos" are at the top of his list!) When this former child chess prodigy isn't hitting the trails for a nice hike, writing, eating Cajun food, or going to the movies, you can find him working hard to set meetings with prospective new customers on the FMX Sales team.

Sam Blazer Business Development Specialist - Outbound

Tori Griffin
With 10 years of customer service in her back pocket, Tori fits right in on FMX's Customer Success team! Crafting baby toys with her mad DIY skills, traveling, and studying the weather is how she enjoys her free time, while her time in the office is spent assisting our customers with their FMX sites. It's safe to say that you can find Tori cracking a few jokes over her always-burnt steak or watching the Avengers!

Tori Griffin Account Manager

Vanja Dosan
When you mix a world traveler, Italian foodie, summer lover, & Mini Bernedoodle fanatic together, you get Vanja! As a member of our Customer Success Team, she is always providing quality customer service to our customers while constantly searching for ways to learn and grow as a professional on our team!

Vanja Dosan Customer Success Manager

Wyatt Rusche
Who do you call when you need crossfit advice or the name of the best place in town for a delicious steak? Wyatt, of course! At FMX, when he's not acting as our FMX Brand Police leader, this fun-loving cat dad is reporting on sales and marketing metrics and ensuring we are making data-driven decisions. Outside of the office, Wyatt can be found hanging out with his cat and watching “best of" Cops compilations on YouTube.

Wyatt Rusche Sales & Marketing Operations Manager

Zack Karshner
Once upon a time Zack and his friend created a fake band with no musical talent. It’s that ingenuity that helps him find solutions for ongoing success for all of his FMX customers. When he’s not making everyone laugh at FMX HQ, he enjoys eating buffalo wings, listening to podcasts, and going to concerts.

Zack Karshner Account Manager