Getting stopped in the hallway by a staff member to tell you about another issue or a new event set up is the name of the game for a facilities leader in educational organizations. But remembering all of those on-the-go requests, assigning them to the appropriate technicians, and following up on their status becomes nearly impossible when there are so many other priorities on your plate.

FMX allows you to manage your schools' maintenance and event calendar so that you can spend more time providing the best learning environment possible for your students. Read on to learn more about the benefits you can gain from FMX’s CAFM software for educational organizations.

The benefits your district can gain from using school maintenance software

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  • Keep up-to-date on annual maintenance to ensure a safe and clean environment for your students.
  • Allow staff and community members to reserve rooms and resources within your district.
  • Plan preventive maintenance to increase equipment lifespans, decrease costs, and increase efficiency.
  • Improve communication amongst staff members and keep everyone in-the-loop on the status of their requests.
  • Seamlessly schedule athletic events with FMX’s Arbiter & Big Teams Schedule Star integrations.

School maintenance software features

work order software

Work Order Software

Respond to, assign, and resolve maintenance requests quickly and efficiently to ensure budgets are upheld and all requests are handled.

facility scheduling

Facility Scheduling

Allow staff to reserve rooms and assets within your schools, and never double-book a room again.

preventive maintenance

Preventive Maintenance

Schedule recurring maintenance and janitorial tasks to keep schools clean and safe for all students and staff.

technology ticketing

Technology Ticketing

Your school’s IT department can set up their own ticketing process so that they only receive requests pertaining to technology.

transportation scheduling

Transportation Scheduling

School field trip in the works? Reserve drivers and vehicles for the dates and times needed for a successful trip.

facility rental

Facility Rental Management

Allow community members to reserve rooms in your schools for events such as boy scout meetings, basketball practice, fundraisers, while ensuring proper monetary collection.

I love how this software has helped me to get my campus organized. We are more efficient than ever, which means we are saving money.
Jackie Bertero, Facilities and Maintenance Operations
Forestville Union School District
Forestville, California
I've been in educational facilities management for 30 years and can say that transitioning from other well known school CMMS systems to FMX was the best decision I've made; it's so simple for my end users yet so powerful with a lot of features that other software companies will charge as an additional fee or a custom field.
Scott Gates, Maintenance Director
St. Joseph Academy
St. Louis, Missouri

Schools are saving with FMX


reduction in work order resolution time


of total cost of ownership cut


in savings per year

Learn why a CMMS is your next step to success!

A CMMS allows you to manage your schools' maintenance and event calendar so that you can focus on providing the best learning environment possible for your students. Its modular, one-stop-shop system allows you to achieve all the benefits outlined above, and more. Download our eGuide to take one more step towards facility management success!

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Why FMX's school maintenance software?

FMX's school maintenance system was built with ease of use at the forefront of our mind because we believe that in order for you to gain the most out of a solution like ours, people need to be able to use it. When users dive into FMX, they should be able to intuitively create a work order or schedule out a room without requiring any training. Our simple interface allows anyone in your school, and any outside vendor or community member, to submit a request, and then track its progress, for optimal efficiency.

Your personal site is built with all the capabilities you need, but none that you don’t. Our team ensures that your site accurately reflects the needs of your organization so that you can make data-driven facility management decisions.

By selecting FMX's school maintenance system as your solution, you’re choosing a system that does it all. You will no longer need separate systems for IT tickets, work orders, event scheduling, and transportation scheduling because it’s all possible in FMX.

Our Customer Success Team is dedicated to helping you achieve your facility management goals, whether those be related to technology, maintenance, scheduling resources, transportation, or all of the above. With a speedy response time of less than 45 minutes and a 99% customer satisfaction rating, you can be certain that we are always here to answer questions regarding your site, to maximize your return on investment, or to help you achieve your most complex objectives.

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