FMX enables you to invoice third parties for work you’ve performed, issue invoices for the rental of their facilities, and even manage invoices for issues related to restitution and damages. With FMX, you can streamline invoicing processes to create or grow your revenue stream.

Issue and manage invoices with improved control and flexibility

  • Ensure your organization is getting paid for work performed
  • Capture revenue derived from renting your facilities
  • Issue invoices for a series, single, or multiple occurrences
  • Streamline communications with automatic invoice notification emails communications
  • Track the history of your invoices
  • Post payments to support your financial processes

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FMX invoicing capabilities

invoice creation

Create invoices for schedule request occurrences or entire series.

stand-alone invoices

Create stand-alone invoices for any charge

invoice payment records

Manually record payment against any invoice

invoice personalizatioon

Personalize your invoices with your desired information and branding (e.g. invoice numbers, titles, memo lines, billing address, and company logo)

invoice tracking

Track invoice status and history by recipient, resources used (SR invoice only), or date

invoicing communication

Email invoices directly from FMX for optimal communication and flexibility

invoicing flexibility

Waive or void invoices for optimal flexibility

Capture more revenue and streamline communication.

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Frequently asked questions

How is FMX’s invoicing feature priced?

The feature is priced two ways. For commercial organizations, it is priced on a per-user basis. For K-12 organizations, it is priced on a per-student basis.

What is the implementation and onboarding process for the Invoicing feature?

Your FMX customer success manager (CSM) will help you set up the Invoicing feature and train your team. The process is straightforward and many aspects of the solution can be configured to your organization’s needs.

What do customers reveal to be the top benefits of using FMX’s Invoicing feature?

First, many customers enjoy how integrated the capability is with other features of FMX, such as event scheduling and work order management. This helps them streamline processes and produce invoices in just a few clicks all in a single system. Second, many report how easy the feature is to use, making it accessible to many across their organization to ease administration overhead.

How do other organizations use FMX’s Invoicing feature?

Organizations use the invoicing feature in two primary ways. First, in the event that they do work for another organization, the invoicing capability helps them bill for this work so they can realize revenue from their efforts. Second, organizations that rent their facilities can capture additive revenue by invoicing facility users for the time and/or resources consumed.