FMX Facilities Management Software for K-12 Schools

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School district facilities maintenance and operations leaders face unprecedented challenges every day. Everything you do is about providing a safe, comfortable, and effective learning environment for your students. But too often, districts like yours struggle to keep pace, leading to confusion, last-minute work, and safety concerns.

Fortunately, there’s a better way with FMX.

Everyone in the district—from administrators to teachers to staff—can submit a work order for something that needs attention, whether it’s a leaking water fountain, a broken window, or an unexpected cleanup in the hallway.

Say goodbye to phone calls, emails with missing information, and forgotten tasks.

Employ a preventive maintenance program to keep your assets, buildings, and grounds at peak operating condition.

Pull automatically-generated reports on your asset data, maintenance costs, inventory levels, and facility usage to gain total visibility into your operations.

Create a capital forecasting plan, track utility usage, and support key decisions with reliable data.

Give everyone a universal view of all scheduled events happening across the district, from field trips to laptop carts to basketball games.

Coordinate your school calendar with maintenance, transportation, and IT to never miss a beat.

You can also automate your building systems to control doors, lights, and HVAC schedules to support building occupancy and save your team time.

It’s no surprise FMX is the new standard for facilities and maintenance management for K-12 organizations today.

Manage all your district’s needs in one place so you can focus on what matters most with FMX.