Solution overview

Key capabilities

  • Drag-and-drop pins
  • Satellite, roadmap, & other map views
  • Upload floor plans & shelving images
  • Map equipment, inventory, & spaces
  • Apply filters & curated views

Explore more capabilities

Create organization maps.

With Interactive Mapping, pin physical assets, like equipment, buildings, and resources, to maps to create a bird's eye view of your entire organization.

Quickly find inventory.

Map and search for inventory locations across a warehouse to quickly find the spare parts or supplies needed.

Manage space efficiently.

Pin users and other points of interest to the map to visually document and show space ownership or assignments.

integration of software features for mapping and capital data analysis

Plan for capital expenditures, infrastructure improvements, and more.

Satellite, terrain, and roadmaps ensure any construction or contractor understands the surrounding terrain and geo area to anticipate roadblocks or challenges.

Key asset mapping capabilities

boiler room photo with pins plotted for boilers, electrical panels, and plumbing

Printable maps

Select a specific area to print, or print entire maps in landscape or portrait mode.

Map zoom

Use the mouse to zoom in on the map, and create lock zoom level ensure maps are set to the desired view.

Drag-and-drop pins

Easily drop pinks and drag pins to track mobile equipment from one location to the next.

Mobile friendly

Place pins, filter, and view maps on your mobile devices through your web browser.

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Find out how FMX asset mapping can improve your asset management strategy

See how FMX customers like Pacific Galvanizing use Interactive Mapping

By using Interactive Mapping, we're able to use maps to provide contractors or inspectors with a visual of equipment locations. Recently, an inspector used their maps to re-certify fire extinguishers and was able to use the map to locate all of the fire extinguishers at the plant.

Ben Ryan
Facilities Manager

Significantly less time wasted on finding equipment

The maintenance team is able to find equipment quicker and differentiate more easily between equipment items with similar names or that are physically stacked together.

Read their story

Benefits of asset mapping software

filter and access floorplans on your mobile device

Benefits of asset mapping software

  • Document asset location within each building to save time and inform efficient maintenance routes.
  • Quickly train new or seasonal employees and 3rd party vendors/contractors on equipment location to decrease training costs.
  • Track the location of mobile assets within your facilities for faster response times.
  • Decrease reaction times during emergencies to ensure safety and limit damage by quickly locating critical equipment.
  • Assign spaces to different users across an organization to understand which spaces are being utilized and occupied and which are not.
  • Manage inventory location to quickly find spare parts to resolve work order requests, preventive maintenance tasks, inspections, and more.

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