IT tickets and tasks can be viewed on a centralized calendar

Streamline technology requests and ticketing

Submit all IT tickets, capture information by request type, assign equipment repairs to technicians, and resolve tickets in one central location.

IT asset records can be looked up via a scanner and barcode

Manage IT assets and equipment

Seamlessly scan barcodes to bulk deploy and assign 1-to-1 devices, manage device assignments, submit help tickets, and see technology work order logs by user or equipment all in one interface. Use MDM integrations, like Google Admin Console, to sync information to FMX.

Seamless login experience for organizations

With Single Sign-On (SSO), your organization can seamlessly sign in to FMX with the click of a button.

Use insights to save time and money

View IT ticketing trends, equipment repair costs, team efficiency, leverage data-driven insights, and discover underperforming equipment.

FMX's IT management software features

requestors can submit IT tickets, and IT staff can associate technicians and equipment
1-to-1 Asset Manager allows you to search for contacts or equipment and associate IT equipment with users
Log in to FMX with Google
IT tasks can be scheduled for tasks like server updates on a recurring basis
report on technology equipment data with dashboards like "IT equipment maintenance summary," "count/cost of work orders," and "top equipment by maintenance costs"

Google Admin Console Integration

Sync Google Admin Console with your FMX site to view all of your organization's devices and users from within FMX.

Organization calendar

View all IT tickets and events in one central calendar, then filter down to focus on key areas by technicians, request type, and more.

IT asset work logs

Scan asset barcodes to access work history, user manuals, warranty information, and more.

Automated assignment

Save time and resolve work faster by automatically assigning to the technician best suited for the task.

Communication threads

Consolidate emails, phone calls, and word-of-mouth conversations into a single communication thread.

Interactive mapping

Map IT equipment items on facility maps and IT closets, track mobile technology, and pinpoint IT work orders.

Configurable workflow

Edit form fields, approval chains, account registration, and follow-up steps to suit the way your team operates.

Hundreds of school districts have consolidated their IT operations into FMX

Other IT asset management software was really noisy with a lot of different features that we don't typically use. FMX is really straightforward. I like how once you've decided what user you want to work with, you can go right into the device selection and search a device.

Clayton Howell
Technology Coordinator

Streamlines 1-to-1 asset management

FMX 1-to-1 Asset Manager helps IT distribute devices efficiently.

Benefits of IT ticketing and equipment software

technology request screenshot

Benefits of IT ticketing and equipment software

  • Technician auto-assignment, in-app communication, and calendar and to-do list views are user-friendly and help save time
  • Use existing barcodes or serial numbers to streamline IT device returns and checkouts
  • Device and equipment assignments help students and staff check out Chromebooks, laptops, key cards, and more
  • Use data to validate and plan equipment improvements, oversee team performance, and track trends
  • SSO reduces IT Ticketing costs and saves time
  • IT ticketing tools support distance learning and make it easier to supply students with necessary devices

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