Solution overview

Key capabilities

  • Self-service booking
  • Event approval controls
  • Configurable calendar view
  • Athletic scheduling integrations
  • Auto-generated reports

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school event management software calendar feature can help districts schedule athletic events and transportation for field trips

Create one school event calendar

Manage all district events in one place, and configure the calendar view by district, school, week, day, and more to see only necessary information.

a reservation finder feature allows quick scheduling and payment for community scheduling

Quickly schedule events and collect online payment

Empower community members and district staff to schedule events with a self-service booking portal. Send invoices for rental reservations and collect online payments.

school event management software allows seamless communication amongst all faculty, staff, and community members

Effortlessly coordinate details with school staff

Use the FMX calendar, and communication threads to ensure all facility managers, event coordinators, and IT managers are aware of resources needed to create a successful event.

configure details like minimum and maximum notice of event scheduling, dates allowed, types of requests, and rental rates

Configure each step to suit your needs

Every organization is different. Leverage configurable request forms, approval processes, and more.

Ready to get started?

Upgrade your event scheduling and facility rental process.

Built with your event management needs in mind.

community groups like Boy Scouts can request school spaces for their events and meetings
the reservation finder feature allows requesters to find open auditoriums in which to schedule their school events
school event management software tracks communication into threads and notifies requestors, technicians, administrators, and coordinators
invoices can be emailed to school facility renters with further details
school event management software can include reporting features like trend of requests per month, total events, total hours, and average hours per event

Integrated calendar view

See all events in a central calendar, and export it to Google Calendar, Outlook, iCal, or promote events directly on your district's website.

Automate facility schedules

Integrate upcoming event schedules with your building automation system to automatically adjust temperature and lighting before and after events.

Lock and unlock doors

Automatically lock and unlock school doors with your FMX calendar.

Athletic event integrations

Integrate with athletic event management platforms like Arbiter, BigTeams, DragonFly, Eventlink, rSchoolToday, and more.

Trip requests

Schedule transportation and add details for field trips, athletics, and more.

Guest and visitor registration

Manage guest registration to ensure safe, comfortable, and secure guest experiences.

Food service requests

Manage food requests for scheduled events like staff functions, student programs, or community events.

Event marketing and communication requests

Advertise district events by submitting communication requests.

Payment processing

Create a secure, self-service payment collection for invoicing powered by Stripe.

Full mobile access

Manage resource scheduling and booking details from anywhere, on any device.

Real-time location availability

Let requesters see which locations are available for their reservations to prevent double booking.

Event approval controls

Set parameters to control which events are scheduled and how often your locations are used.

Configurable workflow

Configure form fields, approval chains, account registration, and follow-up steps to suit your team's operations.

Thousands of school facilities managers and event managers trust FMX

With FMX, it feels like the work order system and the scheduling software are really a single, seamless piece of software. I love the calendar view as a global view of everything.

Marshall Anderson MS
Head Athletic Trainer

A single, seamless piece of software

Manages facility scheduling and operations in one place for better coordination.

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If we have an evening of events, FMX can help us turn on the air conditioning ahead of the event, and turn it off afterward. It helps us track resources used, inventory consumed, and communicate with everyone involved, both internal and external to the district. It’s been a game-changer, and we’re just getting started.

Richard Dobson
Director of Support Services

$700K projected annual savings

Automates HVAC and lighting schedules to match event schedules and reduce utility costs.

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All of our staff members have been able to use FMX. The fact that I don’t have to spend nearly as much time hand-holding everybody is insanely beneficial. We were looking for a system that would empower employees and allow them to problem solve on their own, and we found it.

James Berti
Operations Manager

10 hours saved each week for the operations manager

School event management software empowers teams to be self-sufficient and focus on more important tasks.

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Benefits of a school event management system

event schedule request mobile screenshot

Benefits of a school event management system

  • Take back the wasted time manually updating events
  • Provide a professional scheduling and invoicing experience
  • Ensure important details don't slip through the cracks
  • Eliminate staff headaches, confusion, or frustrations
  • Effortlessly report on financial information on all facility rentals
  • Promote and improve event attendance with a public calendar

Making the switch is easier than you think.

cloud-based data

Allow us to handle the heavy lifting.

We work with your team to transfer existing data and build workflows to meet your needs.

easy to use software

Empower your team with an easy-to-use platform.

FMX is built with simplicity in mind, so anyone can use it and be successful.

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