FMX allows you to keep your inventory and asset management in the same system as your purchase orders, which gives you a holistic view of what’s going on in your facilities. Separate systems often lead to data inconsistencies because employees must manually enter the same information in both systems.

Manage purchase orders with FMX

  • Restock inventory and purchase one-off items.
  • Develop approval chains.
  • Send purchase orders to suppliers.
  • Track shipments.
  • Calculate inventory and shipping costs.
  • Eliminate missing items and cost miscalculations.
  • Automatically calculate the estimated cost of each order.
My organization purchased FMX to better organize our Maintenance Dept., but I had no idea the benefit I would gain in Purchasing. Your Purchase Order system has really helped us keep better track of our purchases, and we are all looking forward to working with FMX.
Mike Cook, Purchasing Manager
Non-Ferrous Extrusions
You will not find an easier or user friendly system to use and implement purchase orders. It makes my life as a purchasing manager a lot easier and makes my purchasing agents do their jobs a lot faster and more efficient.
Jason Davis, Purchasing Manager
House of Raeford

FMX purchase order capabilities


Send automatic notifications to your suppliers

If you add suppliers as users in FMX, they can be notified via email when inventory items dip below their minimum quantity. You can then create a purchase order for that piece of inventory and submit it for approval.

​Order more than one item at a time

Need to order multiple items from the same supplier? With FMX you can add multiple line items to a purchase order and check them off as you receive them.

work order reports

Route orders to your suppliers

FMX will automatically notify suppliers in your system of new purchase orders, enabling you to keep all of the contact info for your suppliers in one place.

More capabilities with FMX

  • Set approval processes for purchase orders based on dollar amounts and by supervisor.
  • Associate inventory with work orders and PM tasks.
  • Route bills and invoices to your purchasing department.
  • Use FMX’s custom fields to tailor your FMX site to meet the demands of your organization.
  • Alert purchasing staff of low inventory through email and text notifications.
  • Print and email your purchase order form.
  • View when orders are expected to arrive.
  • Look up details of past purchase orders.
  • View inventory costs over time.

Manage your purchase orders, inventory, and maintenance all in one easy-to-use system.

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