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Organizations with a large amount of space and assets may struggle with organizing information, dispatching technicians, finding the location of assets and inventory, or resolving issues efficiently. These organizations need a visual way to manage their equipment, inventory, resources, space, and more.

With FMX’s Interactive Mapping, there’s a better way for schools, colleges, and municipalities to work. Interactive Mapping creates a visual map view of your organization, including assets, inventory resources, buildings, space, users, and more. With this tool, users can upload floor plans, use satellite, roadmap, or even terrain imagery, to create maps. Users can pin equipment, inventory, users, and more on the map to easily find the assets they need.

Maps can be filtered for specific users to show curated views. Technicians can use this to view one type of equipment such as an HVAC map.

With Interactive Mapping, users can also use maps to identify inventory location within a warehouse and quickly find the spare parts they need.

Organizations can even organize space and users on the map to view room or seating assignments.

Interactive Mapping can aid organizations and asset document location, help with future planning, and understanding the space around assets—decreasing response times by providing a quick way to find resources and overall increase the safety of your organization.

Take control of your facility and empower your team with Interactive Mapping from FMX.