Purpose-built for manufacturers and other commercial organizations, FMXcmms allows your organization to manage maintenance, schedule preventive work, and more.

Purpose-built for K-12, higher education, government, and religious organizations, FMXfacilitymanager allows your organization to automate routine processes, manage maintenance, improve communication, and more.

Integrate your equipment with your event and maintenance schedule to bring new levels of automation, communication, and control with FMXconnect.

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FMXcmms FMXfacilitymanager FMXconnect
Used by

Manufacturers and all commercial organizations

K-12, higher education, religious, and government organizations

K-12, higher education, manufacturers, and other organizations

Ideal for

Organizations seeking to optimize maintenance processes

Organizations seeking to streamline all processes in their facilities

Organizations seeking to sync maintenance schedules with a building automation system

Features *
Work Order Software Yes Yes
Preventive Maintenance Yes Yes
Reporting & Analytics Yes Yes
Spare Parts Inventory Management Yes Yes
Asset & Equipment Management Yes Yes
Facility Cleaning Management Yes Yes
Facility Scheduling Yes
Technology Ticketing Yes
Transportation Scheduling Yes
Purchase Order Management Yes Yes
Facility Rental Management Yes
Custom Workflows Yes Yes
Start and Stop Labor Tracking Add-on Add-on
Building Automation System Integration Yes
Sensor/Alarm Integration Yes
Event Calendar Integration Yes

* Need an extra feature? Most FMX features can be added to your product edition, and we can help you configure custom workflows.

Frequently asked questions

Are FMX solutions cloud-based or on-premise?

FMX's solutions are cloud-based.

On-premise vs. cloud-based CMMS

Does FMX have a process to address audit recommendations and to ensure compliance with security policies and standards?

Yes, we work with customers to meet their security requirements to the extent that they align with the sensitivity of data that we store.

Does FMX integrate with other software?

Yes, we integrate with several software systems that will be ready for use out of the box. If we do not already have an integration in place, we offer services to set up an integration for your needs.

Additionally, FMXconnect unlocks the ability to connect with your organization's building automation system.

What kind of support does my organization receive with FMX?

We are proud to provide lifetime support to each of our customers. Each customer is given a dedicated Account Manager that meets with them on a regular basis to ensure maintenance management success. Our response time for support tickets is 30 minutes and we are happy to report a 98% customer satisfaction rating.

How much training will my team receive?

FMX offers webinar training for all FMX users demonstrating how to submit and close out requests and configure your personal settings. We also offer onsite training and configuration services.

What does the implementation process look like?

The FMX team is highly involved in the implementation process. We work with the customers to import data, set up workflows, configure permission settings and processes to your needs, and more. The implementation process can take as little as two weeks.

How frequently is FMX software updated?

Our development process is iterative and lean, which means we can get changes out very quickly with minimal bugs. In fact, over the past year, we’ve released over 70 updates, averaging one every five days. Because we have a web app, instead of a native app, these updates happen automatically and don’t require a manual update from users.

Do I need to purchase FMXcmms or FMXfacilitymanager in order to use FMXconnect?

Yes. FMXconnect allows you to integrate your building automation system with one of our other two products. In order to purchase it, you must have FMXcmms or FMXfacilitymanager in place.

How are FMX solutions priced?

FMX is priced differently for each organization based on the number of resolving users and desired features.

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