FMX transportation scheduling software helps you plan every trip for your organization without any hiccups. This includes helping you manage pickup and drop-off locations, chaperones, proper staffing, vehicle schedules, and more. Never scramble for last minute accommodations again.

Manage transportation requests and field trips with FMX

  • Share trip details across departments.
  • Establish an approval chain for transportation requests.
  • Avoid double-booking drivers and vehicles.
  • Print trip tickets for drivers.
  • Store important documents such as itineraries, insurance certificates, and other essential information.
  • Keep track of trip times and miles.
With our Transportation Request Module, everything is in one place. The transportation team can see when a vehicle has been assigned, staff and chaperones can determine if any special student needs are required, and our health clinic can see which students are leaving campus to ensure that all student safety needs are met. It’s all right there at our fingertips.
Dale Allen, Maintenance Director
Mississippi School for the Deaf and Blind
Since going to FMX this has all been made much simpler and we’re able to go to one location to know what’s going on. In addition, we benefit from having our transportation, maintenance, and technology / help-desk request items, all being generated from one location.
Jon Saxton, Superintendent
Chillicothe City Schools

FMX transportation management capabilities


Avoid double-booking drivers and vehicles

FMX features automatic conflict detection and will prevent you from assigning a vehicle or driver if they are already scheduled.

Print trip tickets

FMX generates trip tickets based on the information you include in the form. You can export and print these tickets and give them to your drivers prior to the trip.


Customize your organization’s transportation request form

Include fields for chaperone names, stops required, accommodations, toll fare, etc. That way your drivers, transportation directors, chaperones, etc. will have all of the details they need to plan and complete the trip.

More capabilities with FMX

  • Receive, track and manage transportation requests.
  • Schedule trips days, weeks, months, or even years in advance.
  • Set up automatic notifications for relevant individuals when requests are submitted, assigned, responded to, and finalized.
  • View your daily schedule in FMX’s easy-to-use calendar view.
  • Upload photo and file attachments such as itineraries, map directions, and more.
  • Log take-off and return times and mileage for each trip.
  • Track vehicle maintenance and repair costs.
  • Store safety documents and safety procedures in FMX for easy access.

Easily manage trip tickets, drivers, safety documents, and more.

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