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Creating a positive experience for your guests is the number one goal for any restaurant, but often details slip through the cracks, cleanings get missed, and kitchen breakdowns keep you from serving your customers.

There’s a better way.

FMX creates a single line of communication between your managers, restaurant staff, technicians, and outside vendors.

When your staff spots an issue, they can submit it from any device with all the details your technicians need to diagnose and resolve it. You can even set up auto assignments to notify the technician best suited to handle the task, so you never need to get involved.

Get out from under reactive work with preventive maintenance. Create a servicing schedule that reduces equipment breakdowns with documented checklists to ensure nothing slips through the cracks.

Gain a bird’s eye view of your facilities and maintenance to identify areas for improvement, better utilize your resources and set a budget projection for your growth plans.

Take control of your operations with FMX.