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A Maintenance Request
Creating a Work Order

Streamline your work orders

Everyone in your organization can log into the FMX work order management system and create a request in minutes! Easily respond, assign, and resolve issues while keeping track of time and money spent.

Adding Steps to a Planned Maintenance Instruction Set

Organize stress-free planned maintenance

Eliminate unplanned downtime and unnecessary expense. Scheduled planned maintenance tasks automatically issue reminders, guaranteeing nothing falls through the cracks.

Selecting the Date for a Schedule Request

Schedule conflict-free events

FMX asset and room scheduling software prevents double-booking and enables flexible approval processes to ensure event success. Save time by scheduling repeating events only once, and utilize drag and drop capability for schedule changes.

Setting the Loading Time for a Transportation Request

Coordinate and maintain fleet vehicles

Assign drivers and vehicles to ensure proper staffing while keeping track of vehicle maintenance and repair costs.

An Equipment QR Code

Enhance asset management with QR codes

FMX provides a unique QR code for every piece of equipment. Save time by scanning codes from any smartphone or tablet to instantly obtain asset maintenance procedures, history, and more.

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