The Empowered Facilities Management LLC Checklists cover 50 topics spanning electrical, HVAC, plumbing, fire/life safety, shop equipment, OSHA mandated, and Pennsylvania mandated preventive maintenance checklists.

Checklists can be purchased as a complete package with access to any checklists added to the collection in the future. You can also download the five free checklists below as a sample.

Empowered Facilities Management LLC will also create checklists upon request.

Please reach out to an Account Manager or Sales Representative with any questions on pricing.

Stan Morgan About Empowered Facilities Management LLC

Founded by Stan Morgan, Empowered Facilities Management assists school districts with developing their maintenance management software systems.

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  • Change HVAC Unit Air Filters
  • Air Handling Units Annual PM
  • Air Separator Quarterly PM
  • Boiler Daily Inspection [Free preview]
  • Boiler Weekly Inspection
  • Boiler Monthly Inspection
  • Boiler Annual Inspection
  • Boiler Water Treatment
  • Chiller PM (Inhouse)
  • Rotary Screw Chiller PM (Outsourced)
  • Rooftop Exhaust Fan Annual PM
  • Horizontal Unit Heater Annual PM
  • Motor Coupled Cent Pump & VFD Qtr PM
  • Motor Coupled Cent Pump Qtr PM
  • Chemical Feed Pump Daily PM
  • Chemical Feed Pump Monthly PM
  • Chemical Feed Pump Semi-Annual PM
  • In-Line Cent Pump Qtr PM
  • Fuel Oil Pump Station Weekly PM

HVAC (cont'd)

  • Radiant Ceiling Panel Annual PM
  • Split System Indoor Unit SA PM
  • Split System Outdoor Unit SA PM
  • Expansion Tank Annual PM
  • Cooling Tower Annual PM
  • Cooling Tower Monthly PM
  • VAV Annual Inspection
  • Water Source Heat Pump Filter Change
  • Water Source Heat Pump Annual PM


  • Generator Weekly PM [Free preview]
  • Generator Monthly PM
  • Generator Annual PM
  • Building Exterior Lighting Quarterly PM
  • Parking Lot Lights Semi-Annual PM
  • Theatrical Lighting Annual PM
  • Elect Distribution Panel Annual PM
  • Elect Transformer 3-Year PM
  • Elect Distribution Panel 3-Yr PM


Fire/life safety

OSHA mandated

Pennsylvania mandated

  • Boiler Pressure Vessel Inspection
  • Testing for Lead in Drinking Water

Shop equipment

  • Duct Collector Annual PM

Frequently asked questions

Do you have to be an FMX customer in order to purchase the checklists?

Yes, and customers must have purchased the Preventive Maintenance feature in order to utilize checklists.

Will FMX help my organization set up the checklist procedures?

Customers can bulk upload checklists on their own to begin using them immediately, or FMX’s Customer Success team can help upload these to users' sites.

Can I see a sample of the procedures before buying?

FMX offers 5 free checklists from Empowered Facilities Management LLC:

  1. Boiler Daily Inspection
  2. Generator Weekly PM
  3. Backflow Preventer Weekly PM
  4. Fire Extinguisher Monthly Inspection
  5. Yearly Mandated Bloodborne Pathogens

All other checklists purchased adhere to these same standards.

Can I request checklists to be created specifically for my organization?

Yes, Empowered Facilities Management LLC will review any custom checklist requests and fulfill them, pending approval. These checklists will then be added to the repository.