Columbus, OH — February 19th, 2024 — Facilities Management Express (FMX), a leading provider of facilities and maintenance management software, announced the launch of Interactive Mapping today.

Interactive Mapping enables organizations to create visual floorplans and maps to precisely document asset and inventory locations, assign spaces, and visually manage their facilities, maintenance, and operational processes.

With Interactive Mapping, organizations can properly document assets’ location, saving time and increasing technician efficiency. This solution introduces a new visual paradigm, helping organizations apply their resources and contractors to the right assets at the right locations and times.

Additionally, Interactive Mapping allows organizations to improve safety measures. In the event of an emergency or safety event, users can locate critical assets immediately. Users can easily find fire suppression equipment, shutoff valves, and more, helping to limit damage and reduce risks.

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of our groundbreaking Interactive Mapping product, a game-changer for leaders, vendors, and technicians in facility management. This innovative solution provides unparalleled visibility and control over assets, work orders, and operational processes. For the first time, users can leverage cutting-edge capabilities such as precise asset location tracking, dynamic work order visualization, and advanced IoT integrations.

Brian Gregory, CEO and Co-Founder of FMX

Key features

  • Locate Equipment, Inventory, Resources, Buildings, Users, and more on maps to create a holistic view of your organization.
  • Quickly search and locate specific assets: filter, tag, and group maps to create curated views specific to your needs.
  • Create map layers by uploading images (such as floorplans) or identifying a location with satellite images, roadmaps, terrain, etc.
  • Assign different spaces to users across an organization to understand who’s using each space.
  • Manage inventory location to quickly find spare parts to resolve work order requests, preventive maintenance tasks, inspections, and more.
  • Improve critical asset tracking when they move from one location to another.

This product creates a new way for facilities, maintenance, and operations leaders to visually manage their assets, inventory, spaces, and more. By linking your asset records to a map in FMX, you can see which areas of the facility need to be addressed, leading to more efficient working methods.

Learn more about Interactive Mapping

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